I need a quiet tube amp

Hey guys...I need suggestions on quiet tube amps (SET and P/P suggestions are welcome). I know some very respected makes that create quite a bit of noise with efficient speakers and am wondering what's out there that's good sounding, well built, and quiet. I've got a 300B amp from a well regarded Japanese company that gets noisy at high levels with my 87db ProAcs. I can even slightly hear the buzzing at seat position 9 ft away. I've owned other tube amps that didn't do this and am getting a 2nd amp for the system and want something as quiet as possible. Thanks in advance, Audigoners!
My Klipschorns are efficient and will present the noise of components ahead in the chain. Today, I am running two older units: Conrad Johnson MV75A1 tube amplifier and a Marantz 7T solid state preamp. There is some low level residual noise in the MV75A1 when played without the preamp being powered. When the 7T is powered, there is slightly more noise ... mostly hiss. To hear the residual noise, one must be within 2 feet of the mid/tweeters. Beyond 2 feet, the noise is not audible even beween tracks with the volume at near pain levels.
Crazy4blues - You owe me a burrito! The first two years of owning the 2.5s I had a Mesa Baron 150wt tube amp and have also used a 150wt SS and 25wt various tube and SS amps. The ProAcs sound best with the Air Tight ATM300 but, again, they are a very easy load, I listen in the relative nearfield, and my room is small. I know exactly what you mean, though, as I've gotten subtantially better bass from them and that's why about two years ago I bought a REL subwoofer. Tube and especially SETs sound far more powerful than the simple wattage rating. The SS Muse mono 150s never did sound powerful since the music just got louder, it didn't get more, um, "musical", if you know what I mean. I think that's why we all have tube amps.

And I know what Phil means since I've also owned 572 SETs which put out 15-20 wts and they drive the ProAcs wonderfully with deep and well defined bass. They actually did more realistic bass than the Mesa which simply pounded the bass region harder and louded.

I use a Placette remote volume control instead of pre-amp as I've also tried a bunch of those and even owned an $8,500.00 tube job. Nothing sounds more direct and transparent than what's being used now. (Hey, where's that guy who used to tell us we have to spend $15,000.00 to get a proper pre-amp?) A pre-amp will add another gain stage which may likely make any noise louder, if it doesn't add it's own.

I'd like to spend about $2,000.00 for a used tube amp and have been checking out various ALSs and ANs but, unfortunately, looks now matter to me so it's taking more time than it should. I'm havin' fun, though!
Tomryan, my new VAC Avatar Super is very quiet, even in Phono mode, with efficient speakers (Fab Audio "Stonehenges"). I recall someone running one with, I think, 2.5s and being very pleased. While researching amps, I noted comments about KT88s lacking the finess and musicality of, say, EL34's (used in the old Avatars). That's been a non-issue. The new Avatar Supers have a very musical presention along with superb control over speakers.

I bought a good integrated partly because it does away with pre-to-amp ICs and a VAC because they don't skimp on any section.

Incidentally, I permanently sidelined my AcousTech PH1P phono stage after using the Avatar's built-in phono stage (with their step-up x'former due to my low output MC cart). They really sing and and are dead quiet, even at high levels.

Good luck!