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Hi All, I sold just about all my collected stereo stuff from the 70"s /80's /90' to fund a purchase of a set of Spatials. Some good stuff from a Marantz model 18 to Zu Omans, Tekton m lores, DCM time windows,MG II... and yes a set of Emerald Physics CS 3's . I have about $3000.00 to work with. The CS'3 ( Clayton Shaw design ) sold me on OB and Spacials. I have not taken the leap as of yet because at 65 this will be my last , better be my last speaker. I do have a set of Ushers in the family room, and Spica TC 50's as a remembrance.This set will be in a dedicated music room, 12.5 x 13.5 , powered by a Manley Stingray iPod. My hesitation is do I go with the old M4 / M3 Turbos ( new or used ) or move up to the M5 Shpphire. I was so loving the compression driver I am a bit afraid of the new design. The Manley is voiced at 6ohms so that to is a concern. Has anyone herd the Shpphires  ?
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There's more commentary on the Spatial brand over on audiocircle.  I would check there.
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@flatblackround  or should i say Captain Jack