I need a preamplifier for my ml23.5. Please help

I have a preamplifier mcintosh c41 with my ML 23.5 and 804 nautilus B&W. Which preamplifier is best for my ML 23.5?
Although the choice of preamplifier depends on source and is a matter of personnel taste I had excellent results, many years ago, with an Audio Research LS2 and a ML23.5. Source was a Primare 104 cd player and speakers were Dynaudio Contour 4.0.
Do you want tube or SS?
The matching preamp was the Levinson 26 and 26s.
Those were world class preamps.
The most synergistic preamp for a 23.5 is the ML 26s. (see my system) They don't appear used very often but I think there's one for sale right now on the Gon.
The Essential preamp was voiced with ML, I think it is one of the best out there. What is your budget?
Do you need phono?
If you are going only digital a passive Placette would be a good option.