I need a Pre-Amp What should I get?

I have B&W 804 speakers,subwoofer, Adcom SS amp, Cardas Cables and Rega P3 TT w/ 45MV cartridge. Looking for a tube Pre-Amp with MM capability!! I like jazz- Brubeck, bluegrass- Gerry Garcia and rock- stones,dead,REM. Keep price under $1500 please.
Try a used Audible Illusions Modulus 3 or Conrad Johnson tube preamp.
How about a Rogue 99 Magnum or CAT preamp.
Conrad Johnson PV-10A or PV-10B. Used you could get any number of CJ preamps.
I have used BAT VK3i and CAT SL1 with SS amps successfully. If you need phono get the CAT, otherwise the BAT is a good deal at about $1k.
Look for a used Adcom pre-amp to match your Adcom amp. Do some research on the various models, and you should be able to find a good one for way under $1500.
I third the Conrad Johnson PV10B...Make sure it has a phone stage built in for your vinyl collection.
Bat vk-30 there is one that has come up for 1700 w/phono in the classified`s today. David

one just went up for sale today

see the thread Preamp Deal of the Century
Try a tube preamp. You'll like the smoothness and richness. They come from slightly euphonic to very eupononic. You'll have to decide what is best. I wouldn't consider a SS pre with an Adcom amp, but that's just me.
Krell (obviously not tube) mate beautifully with B&W speakers.

There is a Krell KBL listed on ebay for $999. It says that the unit has new capacitors. Item number is: 2581740693

Unfortunately it is the weekend, and Krell is closed and there is only 24 more hours till the end of the auction. If it is true (and you don't need a remote) it is one fabulous deal. If it were me, I would contact the seller, and say you will bid, but only follow thru if Krell says the work was done fairly recently.

If you don't like the sound, you can always sell it and make money.

Yeah, the ADCOM GFP750 for $600-700 would probably be a best bet. I decided years ago to NOT risk this ADCOM's sketchy version of the Nelson Pass design and got the real thing (Aleph P) used for $1800 instead. You'd never outgrow it.
I just checked ebay, and the info that I gave has all been changed.

The unit has been relisted with a new # and a price of $1999.

Sorry, if you were interested.
Thanks guys, I decided to get a Cary SLP 94L - I am going to add phono to it.
Thanks for letting us know your final choice.