i need a power conditioner. monster?

looking at a pananmax conditoner for my system. i need about 5 outlets and some filtering for my digital cable....

its between a 5000 series panamax or a similar monster conditioner.....any reviews or opinions on either company?

What problems are you having to need the conditioner?
I wouldn't use Monster. I have two that have been destroyed by overvoltage in a test. Both allowed over 250 volts to pass though the outputs before burning up. And still after crashing passed the overvoltage.
Look at the Furman balanced power units. I use one
and am very satisfied.
I have a Monster 700, or 7000 or whatever. Seems to work fine, but it rarely says 120 volt on the display which in itself is annoying, but even more annoying in that it's plugged into an AVS 2000 thing that supposed to be a voltage correcter.
I sent an email to Monster who said that the displays have a normal variance, and aren't always set up identically etc. For a combined $2300-2400 the freakin meters ought to say whatever I want them to!
In any case, it appears to work OK, but I can't say that I've had the same out-of-body experience with any of the power conditioners I've used that some report.
Powervar or Oneac, both commercial power conditioners that actually do what they are designed to and can be had for cheap on Ebay or here. Used for hospitals labs or wherever microelectronics need to have clean power. Go to Powervar's website and read up on it. You'll find Monster would be a waste of alot of money.
Monster is bad. At least the less expensive models - which I've used and found out that it kills the detail.

I use Chang Lightspeed. It's not too expensive and it actually helps the sound out a tad without bad effects. I still plug my amp into the wall however since it does negatively affect the dynamics.

I have finally sold my avs 2000 so there are no pimping comments in this post.---I owned the avs2000 for near 4 years. ---The big improvment was to the picture quality of my big RPTV.--- I see so many jumping on the "Monster-bashing" bandwagon. Well as they say, small things amuse small minds.---"M.C." was better to me than ANY other high end co. I ever dealt with. NOBODY ever replaced a unit where "I" caused the failure; then sent out a brand new unit,before the old one was picked up--and all for free.---I was honest and told them of my screw-up. 74lbs;overnight,for free??? That's service.
I am very happy with a Panamax 5300 to filter power to my McIntosh tuner, preamp, amp, and CD player. It also filters the power on my 32" Sony TV/Monitor and my Panasonic DVD recorder. I would suggest a modest upgrade, however, and chuck the stock power cord and get an upgrade - possibly a PS or similar.
Great quality and my audio system is dead quiet unless some audio is playing. TV picture always clear and clean - unless Comcast screws up with a bad signal on one or more of their channels. DVD recordings are very crisp and clear.
Look here at my review of the Equitech 5Q from their official website.


I still own the unit and it is FANTASTIC.

Avoid Monster and Furman.

I'm glad Dean has brought this thread to life,again.I have since gone through a few more pc's. I have a high volume system--read 'thirsty'.(My MC always read 120 as it went up or down;always to return to 120.)-- I had just purchased the AM XXX--since sold--did zero for me. Then I bought this $3800 conditioner. OK, this one qualifies in the "out-of-body"; cateagory. Then 3 days later I see one used for 900 less--and many days latter it hasn't sold.--A conditioner in this price range traumatises the wallet and the senses,in gereral.-- But,I think it money well spent.---AND, NO, I ain't giving them no free plug.
Avoid the Monster. Seriously.

Chang is good for that budget among a few others.