I Need a Power Amp for my Studio Monitors

I've got a pair of JBL 6332 studio monitors in my home recording studio and need a sufficient amp to drive them. I noticed that a lot of studios use Bryston amps, but I also hear a lot of people saying that they're "unrefined" in the mids and high end. Any comments about this or suggestions? The 6332's "nominal" impedence is 4 ohms.
try a ps audio trio amp - or trio control amp
Bryston are excellent value for power amps. They do run very hot. If "unrefined" implies lacking in coloration then they are unrefined, IMHO. If you like SS designs and are not frightened by the negative feedback boogeyman then Bryston is a solid choice, IMHO.
Lots of Brystons in the recording studio;s for the obvious reasons.Never had heard of them running hot.My 2 didnt on 4-ohm speakers[Missions].YMMV,good luck,Bob
I've heard the Brystons are good in the bass department, but lacking in the mids and highs. I'm wondering how a Hafler Transnova P-4000 would compare to the Bryston. I see lot's of Haflers in studios too. There's one for sale locally brand new for $500. Would a used 4Bsst be worth the extra $1500?
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Bryston amps are the only amp I know of that has a ten year warranty.

I have some Powerpack 120s (which are among the smallest and least powerful amps Bryston makes) that are over 11 years old, had regular use in a variety of systems and have never malfunctioned, even when used as on-location PA amps with a low-impedance load under terrible outdoor conditions.

Brystons are as close to bullet-proof as any amplfiier ever made - that's why pro studios use them. Having an amp break down during a session is not acceptable.

That being said, current generation (made during the last ten years) are not at all soft or euphonic, so depending on the other gear in your repro chain they can be either too revealing or too matter-of-fact.

Yes, YMMV when it comes to sonic tastes, but in terms of reliability and functionality Brystons are a great choice.
In my primary system, which is also a home theater, I'm using three Bryston 7B ST's for center and rear channel power. I used to use two of them for my main front speakers.

I agree that they are good in the bass, but I haven't found them lacking in the mids and highs. They are reasonably accurate and do not convey any of the lushness in the midrange that is commonly attributed to tubes. I don't recall them ever having run really hot. In this instance, my sentiments seem to align with some of the pros.

I replaced the Brystons in my front stereo channels with a pair of Pass X600's, which cost a lot more. These sound slightly more delicate on the high end and very slightly more detailed in the mids. As Class A circuits, they also run hot for real.

Bottom line, I think Brystons should be perfectly fine with your monitors, and the "unrefined" comment is undeserved. The primary difference you may hear between Brystons and other amps is a more accurate midrange from the Brystons when comparing them to tube amps.
"more accurate midrange from the Brystons when comparing them to tube amps."
Yeah Sure!