I need a phono preamp and I'm leaning toward Krell

I recently sold a Krell KSP-7b with an inboard phono stage. I replaced it with a Krell KRC 2 which doesn't have any phono stage. I have listened to the KPA but I've been told the KPE is better and KPE reference is better still. I cannot audition any of these where I live so your experience would be helpful.
My system currently consists of a Sota Star turntable with a Rega RB 900 arm and a Benz Glider MO cartridge. I'm running the KRC 2 into an Aragon 8008st amp. My speakers are Sony SS M7A. I use mostly Cardas Golden Section interconnect with a pair of Purist Collosus and my speaker cable is Monster M2.4. This is probably more info than you need or want but I'd appreciate any input about the Krell phono sections or others with which you've had good experiences.
Get the Art Audio Vinyl 1. With the right tubes and PC, it stomps just about everything out there. It sounds so good without being too tubey. Dynamics, frequency extension, reality sound. I use some high quality e.german RFT 12ax7s and a single mullard 12ax7 for super sound.
I have used the Krell phono preamp and it is one of the best. The only thing that I have heard better is my Counterpoint SA-9 but it has 19 tubes and is a little bit noisier.
The VTL is a great phono stage and reasonably priced... if you like the "Krell" sound though, I would go with the Krell.
Buy the KPE.I owned it and believe you can't do any better for under 4k.It's dead quiet,very adjustable to any cartridge and very dynamic.
Hello Nrchy

Sorry,but I think you made a wrong decision sold the KSP-7B!This is a classic true high-end Krell preamp(not the today????),with one of the best phono stages around.Try to catch it again or go to the Bat VKP-5.Good Luck!
have kpe ref will travel... bought one recently and the music has never been better.

dynamics are as good as i have had in my system

dead quiet

fully adjustable for mid to low output cartridges

better sounding than the aleph ono, in my opinion

good luck in finding your new phono section

p.s. i know someone with a fully balances four piece krell, front panel load and gain adjustable phono section and they claim this piece is superior to the kpe ref. i have heard it and it sounded fine.
I liked the phono section inthe KSP-7b but every aspect of the sound was better with the KRC 2. I was not unhappy with the KSP I just thought the new one was better other than the obvious problem of the phono stage.
I borrowed a KPA from my brother-in-law which soundds like what you are describing although I don't know if it's balanced. Does anyone know if the KPE reference can be run balanced???
The Plinius M14 - I own one and it would be hard to beat - my second system has an Electrocompaniet ECP which is very good for 1/4 the cost of the Plinius.
Owned the KPA 4 pcs. The sound stage is one of the widest and deepest. My only complaint is it sounds like Krell, while the alternatives imposed lesser of their character into the music.

But nothing comes close to KPA's dynamics and ultra wide/deep presentation. It seems to have a way to 'squeeze' out the last ounce of juice of the music.

Compared to the later phono stage, such as Tom Evans and Linn Linto, the Krell is a bit on the slow side, but still very fast relative to ARC PH3 (btw, I would take KPA over PH3 anyday). But, KPA and Krell linestage (such as KBL, KRC) would be a perfect match, because the Krell linestage is on the fast side, so they probably compliment each other.