I need a good quality CD player - with changer

I am updating my system and need some advice. I have Magnapan MG1.6 speakers and am looking to add a CD changer (don't ask why!) with digital output, DAC, and amplifier. For a DAC, I've pretty much settled on a used Bel Canto DAC2 or Birdland Odeon-ag version 1.1 (?) or newer. (If someone has a better idea on DAC's, I'd be glad to hear it.)

My question: It seems like I remember NAD, Parasound, and maybe Pioneer made CD changers with good transports - changers which also had digital output capabilities. I am only looking for a five (or so) disc changer that has a 96KHz output and is new enough to play CD-R's.

Any recommendations for a good sounding (used or new) changer to go with my new DAC? I'm flexible on price, but am looking to purchace closer to the $500 range than the $2000 range...

RotelRCC1055changer specs

Short RCC1055threadlink

Rotel RCC-1055 retails $699,HDCD,nicely made,good looks.Heard instore briefly and thought 'if I wanted a red book changer this may be the one' put on your audition list.

Good luck,
NAD C 541 i
You might consider the NAD 523 changer on Audiogon right now. Adcom also made a very good changer which you might find used. I have a Denon DCM 380 which I like but I don't know if it has a 96 KHz output. Might be worth a look though. The recommended Rotel would be a good choice and you might find it's predecessor, the 955, a good deal as well. Good luck.
Thanks for your advice; seems the Rotel would be a good choice to combine with a good integrated tube amp and the Maggies. Simple, and I could upgrade the system with the DAC later, as funds permit.

The Rotel RCC-1055 only has a coaxial digital output, should that cause concern if I plan to slide a DAC into the mix a short time later? Also, I assume the transport of the Rotel is adequate (or better)?

Of the most common digital outs Toslink or Coaxial I prefer Coax performance far more. BTW, 'Benchmark DAC-1'(usd$975)is getting many raves and the company does business direct with 30 day full return policy.I would try the Rotel sans dac till full break-in these are suprisingly decent changers.
Benchmark website
TAS and Stereophile among others have praised the little Benchmark
No 96hz, but you might consider an Anthem (Sonic Frontiers) CD-1 changer(used.) It uses a tube buffer on the output, holds 6 cds, is very solidly built, and I find it very musical.
I have been using a Marantz 4000 OSE changer for about 3 years and it has performed flawlessly. Has the fastest action of any CD player I've seen. Changes discs in about 4 secs, literally. I also have an older (5 years) C.E.C. transport which maybe gives a little more solidity and maybe a tad more spaciousness than the Marantz but that's it. I keep them both on my rack and use the 4000 OSE probably 75% of the time since I love to program my own multi-artist concerts.

By the way, I use a Perp Tech P3A DAC with all WrightMods and have compared to Bel Canto DAC 2 which I owned. The Perp Tech is as good except in one area - DAC 2 has a bit more bass extension but the Perp Tech has a more extended high end. A trade off and since I have a subwoofer, I'm sticking with the Perp Tech but may audition some others but they'd have to be much better and, of course, more expensive. You can probably get a used PT w/ all mods for around $450.00 ($1,150.00 new).

The Benchmark does sound interesting but then so does a number of quite expensive DACs and it appears we have to spend a lot more to get a little more improvement.
I highly recommend the Sony SCD-C333ES player, which I own.

It's a surprisingly good sounding Redbook CD changer on its own, with a lot more fullness, richness, and body than I ever expected. Also, the digital filters allow you to tailor the sound a bit. You'll certainly be able to use the digital out to your DAC if you choose, just like the other players. But, the SACD capability is DEFINITELY worthwhile, even if the format does not take over from CD.
Anyone else find the slow mechanical action of Sony SACD players irritating?
"I would try the Rotel sans dac till full break-in these are suprisingly decent changers."
Excellent advice. How long is break-in, a couple hundred hours? Plus, waiting and becoming familiar with the new system would then give one (me!) a much better idea of how much better (or not) the sound is upon adding an outboard DAC.

Rotel didn't specify whether or not their CD player had a 96KHz output or not. (And I forget why this is important.) If the Rotel changer doesn't output at 96KHz, should I go back to looking for a used Marantz, Parasound, etc. changer or just not worry about it and purchase the Rotel unit with changer?

And, thanks for the DAC advice; with these four or five to choose from one thinks I couldn't go too far wrong.
For what it's worth...

I have a Birdland Odeon-Ag that is hooked via TosLink to a Sony 400 CD jukebox and via the BNC to a Theta Carmen II transport. While the Birdland HUGELY upgraded the sound coming from the Sony jukebox, I find that I never use it anymore. The Theta is just so much better that I can't not use it. It cost 10 times as much, so I damned well better use it!
But, if you must have a changer, you've been given some good recommendations, and I would also say that I am a fan of Rotel products.

Good Luck.


P.S. Tomryan, I also have a Sony SCD-C222ES SACD player, and I've never noticed any slow mechanical action. (Or else I've never experienced good fast mechanical action and I don't know what I'm missing.)
Tom, while I don't have any experience with any other changer so I don't know if it is slow in comparison or not, it is a bit slower than I would consider ideal. Though, not nearly as bad as the early Sony SACD ES (SCD-1 and SCD777ES) players I listened to when the format first broke.
Take a look at the new Sony SCD-C2000ES. All indications are that it's a great performer and gives you SACD as well as a 5-disc changer.
Maybe too late a reply...

I would (which I actually am doing) get Squeezebox, rip all CDs into your PC's HD and play wirelessly. Squeezebox has digital out and can be conncected to your favorite DAC. The reason for me to get this set up is it is sometimes bothersome to change CDs from 100s of collection all the time. Some say Squeezebox is a top-notch "transporter". I have so far ripped 300 CDs and can play any of them on the fly.
Exsistence of break in phenomenon has been hotly debated,I have been on both sides concerning perception of changes in a component or speakers.Only 'my' opinion follows.The point at which my new Rotel reached stasis via 'my' perception was over 100 hrs(roughly 130 discs).Sometimes I 'feel' it sounds even better at the over 200 disc mark but that impression is not 100% solid,it could be me and not the component.I 'feel' strongly although on the matter of unit passing that rough 100 hr figure improving steadily.Keep in mind that throughout introduction of the new piece into the system I tried cable changes and cones,and roller bearings which also raise some eyebrows.Someone else will have to chime in and clarify 'why?' 96k vs 44.1k at the digital out of a redbook cd machine.The way my understanding leans is redbook is 44.1k and there are dvd/redbook machines which output the higher rates for their dual format nature?I enjoy the single disc Rotels sound yet the buzz-kill now is getting up to change discs.I may still go the changer plus a Benchmark DAC1 route for the added enjoyment of interruption free multi disc listening sessions.
I have an Pioneer CLD-460 Laser Disk Player, plays every CDR & CDRW I have. Sounds great, even better with external Dac and Monarchy SUPERDIP. I know this is old stuff, but has been rock solid and has outdone in sound every DVD player I have put against it, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Sony, and lower end DENON. This LaserDisk has a toslink optical out, only. I have seen others CLD-401 that also have ESB/EDU out. Was going to update CD player until I got the Monarchy in the system. It made the Biggest difference in total sound stage. I know this is way below the items you are looking at, but hope it helps anyway. My system is connected to B&W 805's and it sound really good.
I have a Cal Audio Labls CL-10. This is a fine multi-disk changer and you will be happy with this product. Used in great shape it is about $500. Great sound and even better with a great DAC. I have a pricey Reimyo DAP-777 that is out of this world. Best of luck.