I need a good looking and good sounding speaker ....

I currently moved to a different apartment and my stereo system and TV are in the middle of my living room. 
My Aerial 10Ts are 25 years old and while they still sound great - they really at this point do not look very good.
I also have an Aerial CC3 center channel which looks OK but is quite big and bulky...

I live in a Manhattan apartment and have ppl below me and above me - 

Anyway - I am considering the following speakers:

- Sonus Faber Nova 2 - look and sound great - not cheap
- Sonus Faber Nova 3 - look and sound even better - not sure I need the extra bass - expensive
- Totem Tribe Tower - in black they look OK - surprisingly sound very good for their size - won't break the bank to buy them
- Aerial 7s - look great - never heard them - was thinking of trying another brand after having Aerial for 25 years.

Any opinions if in a small space in Manhattan - the Nova 3 would be an overkill ?

I have decent electronics - ARC LS25 mkii - Pass Labs X250.8 amp - and a new Marantz receiever for home theater.


Daedalus recommendation from me too. Another great one at $5K new is Zu Audio Soul Supremes or $10K for Zu Druid VI https://www.zuaudio.com/loudspeakers
Check out the reviews.
The persona b is on sale til the end of the month and those 2 way speakers do a great job 
thanks for everyone responses ..... but my question is really about about the totem tribe towers .... Anyone hear or own these speakers ?

Hi, am also in a Manhattan apartment and own the Tribe Towers.  I've been very happy with them; I use a Primare I25 integrated as my source.They sound great at reasonable volumes, but a few times I've gone louder with no neighbor complaints .  .and at the end, I just want to focus on the music, which the Tribes enable.  As a side note (and of course subjective) but their aesthetics are fantastic --sculptural and modern but they don't dominate the room either.  (I have them in the white gloss).
Ohm Walsh 2000, oak or cherry. You can thank me later.