I need a good looking and good sounding speaker ....

I currently moved to a different apartment and my stereo system and TV are in the middle of my living room. 
My Aerial 10Ts are 25 years old and while they still sound great - they really at this point do not look very good.
I also have an Aerial CC3 center channel which looks OK but is quite big and bulky...

I live in a Manhattan apartment and have ppl below me and above me - 

Anyway - I am considering the following speakers:

- Sonus Faber Nova 2 - look and sound great - not cheap
- Sonus Faber Nova 3 - look and sound even better - not sure I need the extra bass - expensive
- Totem Tribe Tower - in black they look OK - surprisingly sound very good for their size - won't break the bank to buy them
- Aerial 7s - look great - never heard them - was thinking of trying another brand after having Aerial for 25 years.

Any opinions if in a small space in Manhattan - the Nova 3 would be an overkill ?

I have decent electronics - ARC LS25 mkii - Pass Labs X250.8 amp - and a new Marantz receiever for home theater.


Check out the Spendor A-line or D-line. They are perfect for a small space!!
What's your budget?
I dont have a budget per se - the most i want to spend is in the $10K range
go see Johnny Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona. At $10k you can get Vandersteen Treo CT in many Veneer choices... Check out my Casa Pacifica system pictures for Ambrosia Maple. IF you want high end automotive paint in your choice of color you would be at $15 K for Quattro. See my Poverty Bay photos for Audi Phantom Black Pearl. Johnny is ARC dealer, he will appreciate your choice of electronics :-) which are stellar. Pass is a beast.

enjoy the journey and the music

I recently bought a Gershman Grande Avant Garde. It retails close to 15k, but you can probably get them for less. People seem to think it has a very high WAF.