I need a female jazz vocalist. No Krall, No Norah

I've listened to so much Norah Jones and Diana Krall in the last month I feel like I know the personally. I'm ready to get hooked on a new sultry lady but I need some good suggestions.
- Cassandra Wilson (New Moon Daughter)
- Joni Mitchell (Both Sides Now)
- Stacey Kent (Close Your Eyes)
Lisa Ekdahl. She's amazing. She records with the Peter Nordahl Trio, equally amazing. I highly recommend "When Did You Leave Heaven" and "Back To Earth".
Bebel Gilberto
Patricia Kaas (french blues, chanson)
Meridith Monk (innovative vocal jams)
Lisa Gerrard (sophisticated vocal from Dead Can Dance)
Diana Schuur she's just for 'schuur'!
Flora Purim (latin fusion)
Cesaria Evora (latin fusion)
Sade (smooth jazz)
Basia (electronic fusion and pop)
Guesch Patti (mostly french rock but often with blues)
The latest one I've recently listened to and can't realy stop listening is

LHasa singing spanish in latin romance style.

The sexiest and the most attractive voice I've ever heard.
Any Holly Cole CD.
Well, she's not a new sultry lady, she's an old one now, but she's the one that Diana Krall holds in high esteme, and in my estimation, trys to emulate (unsuccessfully), Shirley Horn. She's a bit more laid back but she's the real thing! She is an excellent piano player, singer, and stylist. Three CD's to start with - "I thought about you", "Close enough for love', and "You won't forget me". all on Verve.
Three other jazz current singers well worth listening to: Mary Stallings, Rene' Marie, and Tierney Sutton. These gals should be around a while judging from their current limited catalog (3 or 4 each).
I don't think any of the above approach Shirley Horn (agree with you Newbee. Dianna Krall has a pretty voice. Shame she cannot use it like a jazz singer. With Shirley, if you are interested in subtle use of timing to twist and explore a tune fully, you will find her outstanding. If you just want a pretty voice, then perhaps look elsewhere. I agree also with Newbee on Tierney Sutton - again, someone that knows how to sing jazz, not just a pretty voice to sing ballads.
Amen Newbee !
Shirley Horn is IT.
Laura Fugy
Yeah, Shirley Horn is pretty damn good! MArakanetz has me interested in this Lhasa lady though. I'll have to find her this weekend.
Janis Siegel- Friday Night Special
Lynn Bush- Still Life

Both excellent jazz vocal cds that are recorded well and sound great.
Patricia Barber.
You should check out Dave's True Story. They have a few cds out now. The singer, Kelly, is brilliant. She has one of those super sexy, perfect jazz voices and the lyrics are very modern.


She and the songwriter (Dave) should be more well known...
Jacintha "Lush Life" is very good.

Ah, Yes. Dave's True Story!! Incredible lyrics. Wonderful
voice on Kelly (Dave's not bad either). Don't make enough
Lizz Wright.
Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown on Mercury from 1954. The tube mic brings this lady inTO the room...THIS is sexy and Clifford's trumpet sounds amazing. Mono, but definitely audiophile stuff.
Ernestine Anderson. Lots of great music on Concord Records.
There are plenty...all one has to do is listen to some real Jazz stations...like small college stations, rather than the "smooth jazz' mainstream mall music.

Try, Julia Fordham, Hellen Merrill, Dinah Washington, Rosie Clooney, Shirley Horn, Carmen McCrea, Julie Christy, even the "standards" cd that Ann Murray did,"Croonin" is better than most of the sexual problems that Norah seems to be trying, and failing, to sound sultry on.
.........actually the above should have said June Christy,...not Julie ... although sultry would apply to both.
Meech33, nice thread. I'm sure you're looking for new (modern) singers, but just a quick mention of some of the oldtimers out of respect - Sarah Vaughn, Ella, Nina Simone, Etta James and more recently Eva Cassidy (very seductive - although a dfferent style of jazz/soft blues).
Lani Hall, an amazing, natural voice; recorded with sergio mendes & bradil66 in the 60's. sure, some of the arrangemnets sound 'cheesy' by todays standards, but it was the 'style' back then.
Going back to old Sergio Mendes recordings, all his female singers beginning with Wanda De Sah in his Brazil '65 renditions were all talented. Going back further, Criss Connors was a forceful singer during the days with Brubeck. Lena Horne also had her days.

When tired of the new renditions, one can always go back to your old record collection and have a change of pace. How about the old Getz/Gilberto recordings?

This is fun.
Sarah Vaughan. Case closed. Make sure that you have a 300b amp--you wanna hear EVERY nuance.
After listening to those two CD's you will be leaving me a positive feedback.
Good suggestions so far.
Add Tuck & Patti.....the voice of Patti will make you forget Krall however.....
Do not forget to try Silje Nergaard.
Jackie Allen, Mary Stallings, Holly Cole, Karyn Allison.
Ella Fitzgerald
Hey Wmcmanus, thanks anyway. I already have etta, nina, eva and a little etta. I agree, Eva is very nice.
I just listened to live at blues alley last night.
THANKS EVERYONE. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS MANY RESPONSES. I didn't this many people enjoyed jazz vocalist as much as I do. I really appreciate the feedback. I've sampled most of the names at CDNOW.com. I really like a lot of the voices. A couple that stood out are Shirley Horn & Lisa Ekdahl. My list of cds to purchase is now up to 27. This is going to cost me about $500. I'm looking forward to going to J & R on Monday.


Uh...Billie Holiday?

Also agree with the recommendations of Shirley Horn, Cassandra Wilson, Abbey Lincoln, and Sarah Vaughan.

Dinah Washington, Betty Carter, and Dee Dee Bridgewater are three others to add to your search.

Happy hunting.
Has Stacy Kent been mentioned? Great vocalist, and also Diane Shur.
Not sure about "jazz," not sure Norah does jazz, for that matter, but if you want singers, two that I don't think have been mentioned are Julie London, and currently, Kari Bremnes, from Norway.

You can find Ms. Bremnes, and a great catalog of female singer-songwriters at Harmony Ridge Music, http://www.hrmusic.com/index.html. (I have no affiliation, just offer it as a source of interesting stuff.)
Nina Simone, the earlier the better...
Try Etta Jones (not the same as Etta James). Lonely & Blue is the album I know.
Eva Cassidy Super recording "Live at Blues Alley"
Thanks for the Tierney Sutton. I really like her voice.
Which one of her CD's should I get?
I would suggest that you start in the order they were published, "Introducing Tierney Sutton" on A-Records, "Unsung Heros" on Telarc, and "Blue on Green" also on Telarc (this is only because I totally enjoy the first two and don't feel quite as connected to the last.) Although you didn't ask for more recommendations, since you like Tierney Sutton, you might give Karrin Allyson a listen. I actually enjoy her more. I would suggest as a good place to start to get a general feel would be "Daydream" on Concord Jazz.
Great suggestions already. Some new to me. A few others that I enjoy - Claire Martin "Make This City Ours", Carolyn Leonhart "Steal the Moon" and Lori Lieberman "Home of Whispers".
How about something different? And not jazz.Try Sussan Deyhim-Madman Of God- and Azam Ali,this year's album.Also,Rasa-Devotion-one of the most sensual voices I've ever heard;the name of the singer is Kim Waters.No one mentioned Elizabeth Frazer,Cocteau Twins;some of the tunes are great.
Try Jenna Mamina. I prefer her to Nora Jones. She has two cd's avilable on line.
Helen Rogers on the Paul Hardcastle 'Jazzmasters' recordings. This is more like 'smooth jazz' I guess but very nice and sultry voice....I think you would definitely agree.
Sheesh!....an edit feature would be cool.
The first 'Jazzmasters' is the best. It says its new style dance music or something which I don't quite get....it's smooth jazz. Helen Rogers has a really sexy voice and Gary Barnacle's tenor sax is sweet! Very decent recording quality also!
eva cassidy "live at blues alley" - does it get any better than eva singing "people get ready"?
I also recommend Sarah Vaughn. If you want audiophile Sarah try the xrcd of "Send in the Clowns" and listen to her utilize her 4 octave range. This woman is just incomparable.

Honorable mention include Ella (not too far behind though), Nina Simone, Shirley Horn and also Eva Cassidy.

Question - Does anyone remember the name of the "jungle screamer" from the 50's. She was allegedly some princess from Peru or somewhere in South America but actually was from New York, very mysterious background which was marketed to broaden her appeal. Very exotic covers and a unique voice and style. I just can't recall her name but dated a girl years ago who's mother just loved her.
yma Sumac or something very close to that. I think her voice spanned 8 octaves!
Thanks Newbee that's it or was it Ema or Eva? That voice will sure test the high frequency response on speakers but I'm sure the recordings were probably compressed.
Ella Fitzgerald. Get yourself a nice pressing of "Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie", sit back, and enjoy the ride.