I need a fantastic DAC

Hello all. after owning a number of big name DACs, the Wadia 9 with old technology (ten years old) is still coming out on top. I would seriously doubt SACD would do much better than the redbook Wadia 9. anyone that have ever had an opportunity to compare please let me know. I'd like to hear any suggestions on a second DAC.
There are a couple of used Stax DACs for sale. Check it out:

Hard to go wrong with an Audio Note DAC 3.1 or 4.1
Try MBL1611 or EMM DCC2.
Benchmark DAC-1. It is superior to my previous Wadia 25 in nearly every way and is much less sensitive to transports than most of the competition. Good luck!
The NAGRA DAC is supposed to be incredible.Great pedigree too!!
The new Theta Generation VIII is both D/A and analog preamp!
Cannot wait to get one.
Either one of the Zanden DACs are just great. I had a regular one and now the signature and just love them both.

I used to have 47 lab shigaraki DAC. I really enjoyed that one too. For the price, really hard to beat (i bought it when dollar was twenty some percent stronger!)
All the best.
Stax DAC the BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would'nt get the Stax. If this is the same model from the early '90's, it was beaten by the ML30.
Bib: Did you get the matching transport?