I need a couple suggestions for a preamp

It will go between a Linn turntable with a Dynavector moving coil cartridge and a custom amp that is based on AB International's 540.2. The speakers are Thiel CS3.6s.

There will be no digital sources hooked up, so I am leaning toward vintage tube.

Thank you,
Michael B

AB 540.2: http://www.abamps.com/amplifiers.html#540-2
Looks like you have a balanced input.

There are balanced tube preamps, the only vintage one being a preamp made by us, the MP-1 (which we still make).

I don't see specs on the amp website, which will be something you might want to know depending on the preamp you consider. For example, ARC makes balanced preamps, but they won't drive less than about 30,000 ohms at the input of the amp (FWIW our preamps will drive 600 ohms).

BAT, Aesthetix and a host of others make balanced tube preamps.
Nearly any balance tube pre I've heard has sounded good when paired with the right amps. Good luck.