I need a class on streaming tidal to my OPPO 105.

I have the top level subscription to tidal. I have it on my dell desk top. I use a wireless router to the OPPO. I want to take advantage of the MQA files that are now available. There must be a better and simpler wat to do this. I don't at this time see the option for master files on my account. I'm stumped as to why. Please walk an interested idiot through the process, thanks, Allen/Mizike.
Right now only the desktop PC/Mac Tidal apps decode MQA. So the Tidal app in the 105 won’t decode the Tidal Masters.

To listen to the new Tidal Masters on the 105:

Make sure you’re running the latest version of the Tidal app on your PC/Mac.

Run a USB cable from your PC/Mac to the 105.

After you’ve connected to the DAC and confirmed the connection on your PC/Mac, go to Settings in the Tidal app and select Streaming. Select HIFI Master. Then scroll down to Sound Output and hover or click the 105 and click the little gear icon that appears. Select Use Exclusive Mode and Force Volume. Don’t click Passthrough MQA unless you have an MQA capable DAC. (You don’t. The 105 isn’t an MQA DAC)

To Find the Masters on Tidal, click What’s New on the Main Tidal screen and scroll down to Albums. On the right side of the New, Recommended, Top 20, Masters line, click Masters. Show All.

There you go. Tidal hasn’t created (yet) a way to Search for Masters or an icon to distinguish them from the other albums. When you play a Master, the word "MASTER" will appear in the lower right corner where HIFI displays. If you’re looking at a group of albums from a particular artist and duplicate albums appear, there’s a chance one of them is a Master. The only way to verify this (for now) in Tidal is to play it and see if the MASTER indicator appears in the lower right corner.
Thanks, very helpfull. I kept looking for something to click on to get started.
I have a new  Asus ZENBOOK Pro UX501VW-XS74T and my 105 is not showing in Tidal. I'm plugged into the front usb port. If I plug in a thumb drive it shows.
When I try to play a Masters song, a message pops up in Tidal saying that I need to set playback to 16bit 44K in Control Panel. Oppo in Control panel only has 24bit 44K thru 192K
I’m sorry to be diversionary.
the “better and simpler” way to do what you seek to accomplish is called a
BlueSound Node 2i.