I need a cd player that is fun to listen to

I would like to know if there is a player out there that is fun and involving to listen to in my price range? Used or new it doesn't matter My budget is $700.00 or less.
Try a Musical Fidelity A3 or A3.2 - they do lots right, don't break the bank, are reliable, and make a decnt transport if you ever get the urge to add a DAC. All in all a very decent player.
For the money you can't beat the Music Hall 25.2 It was reciently reviewed in Sterophile. The reviewer ststed that this player competes with units costing three times as much. MSRP is around $600. I bought mine used for $450.

How about bypass the player and just add a DAC ? I've been reading up on the The Attraction DAC . It is a very interesting unit ..though not for the flashy crowd, which is fine with me. It is the only digital device that can non oversample up to 192 khz.

The JISCO looks interesting as well. I may pick up one myself in the near future to use with my NON OS DAC. Or just go straight for the total package Attraction Dac.

This new review Digital Zen puts this DAC at the top of the food chain. I'm just going gah gah to hear one myself. If I had $700 to spend on a source, I would definitely look in this direction.

Good luck

That's a good one!!! LOL LOL LOL
Jdombrow.... I didn't know you had it in you.

Thanks for the laugh!
tivoli jaybo$200.........revox sc22 $800
while on the subject of dacs, how about the scott nixon "petite" tube dac ?

or perhaps a cal alpha dac ?
I'll Have a Roksan Kandy MKIII for sale soon. $600
A used sony 5 disc carosel ES versions of course that way you can have all the fun an average person can take.
Demo a Rega Planet 2000. It plays music not hifi.