I need a bit more midbase from my cdp

I recently had my player modded through RAM. It is a much improved sound throughout. I could go on about all of the improvments in sound but I won,t . Everything is very good I would just like to get a bit more midbase. Any suggestions would be great. What type of interconnects , power cord , Isolation electrical, mechanical ect. I am using JPS Labs super conductor ic,s and stock power cord.
Try moving your speakers, start a bit closer to the wall.
Apply Walker Audio SST to the metal conducting ends of each JPS Labs item, and you may more quickly reach an enhanced performance, without even having to replace anything.
If you can spare your wiring for a few short days, consider enhanced breaking in (well used wires still benefit) by George Saubon of cableburner.com.
Using the best Mapleshade Records power strip can also make a really unexpected improvement.
Periodically, play the Densen DeMagic CD.
These ideas can carry you even further beyond the benefits you already hear with your RAM modded CDP.
Or, if you simply want a little more mid-bass, Herman may have already given you the key.
Are you using bass traps in your room? You will be amazed at how much more bass and larger soundstage etc is produced when you properly treat your room acoustically.

Good thought from Red, it may not be a lack of midbass but a smearing of all bass frequencies from the the room. Don't you just hate/love how complicated even the simplest things can become?

That unit is definitely putting out more bass and midbass than in stock form. But it is still in need for break-in, so please be patient. I agree with the others, do the room tweaks and speaker positioning. This always helps the problems your experiencing. Contact me for any other info. Have a happy holiday season!
harmonix power cord would do for you the business.
The VH Flavor 4 power cord (with gold plated connectors) did exactly that for my system.