I need a Analog/Digital recorder recomendation

I would like to know my best current or near future otion[s] for a under $3000.00 recorder that would be able to record DVD's,SuperAudioCD,CDR',CD,Satilite HD,Analog Video/Audio Cassets or DVD Audio.
My system would necessitate the ability to have multiple selectabe inputs as my processoor does not have a DigitalAudio/Video recording loop.
I also have optical audio for up to 7.2 channels.The storage of memory could be tape'disc'hardrive ect.
Ain't no such beast yet, nothing out there to record, DVD-A or SACD, so just buy a nice CD burner I reckomend the HK CD26, can be found on e-bay for 200$, and you favorite DVD burner, and that about as far as your gonna get for now.