I miss my Rega turntable. What to do?

I traded in my old (unmodified) Rega Planar 2 a while back and bought a Music Hall MMF-5, which is OK, but ...

I've always missed the Rega, and now it (withExpressimo stud and Heavyweight and Incognito rrewire) is for sale at my local stereo shop. The thought of having it all duded up has got me wondering. Should I bring it all back home? Does this make any sense? Or would this be a downgrade of some sort? The Rega -- at least the Rega of my memory -- rocked more than the Music Hall.

Associated equipment: Modwright modified Monolithic phono pre. McCormack TLC-1 (modded by SMC Audio) and McCormack mono DNA-0.5s (also modded by SMC Audio) and B&W 805 Nautilis signatures.

I've got way, way more CDs than vinyl, but I'be been getting back into LPs. Any advice (including cartridge recommendations if repurchasing the Rega is suggested) would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.
Get it back and alternate both for a while. This should help you decide on whick one to keep.

Hi Hodu,

It's your money, and your decision. I agree the Rega is the better choice. What is the cost differential to trade? You might want to look at this as an alternative: http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?anlgtabl&1146796163

Good Luck,

Get it a try it out against the Music Hall. You'll be able to sell the MMF 5 easily, assuming it is in good shape. I had a MMF 7 for a while. Great table for the money, but I came to realize it does sound just a bit dark. There are perhaps more cartridges that will work with the Rega. You won't know what you like until you try it.
Hodu - Ditch the music Hall. The arm is junk. The rega table with rega arm is far superior.
Well Hodu, not to sound like a broken record after all the good advice preceding me but... one more vote here to ditch the Music Hall and bring back a Rega. Incidentally, when you traded the Rega for the MH, What were you thinking? (with all due respect). Life is short, and there is so much vinyl and so little time! Happy Listening!
Thanks to each and all for your help with this. I'll have the Rega back in my system very soon. (And eventually, I've no doubt, I'll be asking about moving on up to a P3 or a P5 ...) Thanks, again. You guys are all right.
Once again get the Rega back. However this could be the optimum time for an upgrade. Of course you can stay in the Rega family 9 or 25. Consider Thorens. How about a pre owned Linn LP-12. That is a TT hard to beat on the preowned market. It is argueable that a preowned LP-12 could place you in the mid level of most new TT's on the market. Per Stereophile it is a boarderline class A
How about a preowned SOTA (Star or higher on the SOTA ladder). This will top all of the others mentioned here in overall sound quality in my opinion. Wonderful value if you find the right used unit. More neutral with incredible sound stage, wonderful depth. In my opinion the Rega plays rather cool and lacks depth by comparison. Of course, the marriage of the right cart. with the tt and your other equipment could make all the difference in what you hear from your system.