I made up my mind what to buy for Triangle Celius

I made up my mind what to buy for Triangle Celius.
It is Prima Luna Prologue. It may not be the best amp. However, It is very attractive and affordable one for the beginners.
However, Here's my question. Now I have to decide whether to buy Prologue One or Two. Please read my explanation on why I should buy Prologue one instead of Two and correct me if I'm wrong. Any kind of advice will be welcome.

MY understanding is that One is using EL34 and Two is using TT88. I prefer One since EL34 gives warmer sounds and detailed midrange, which should match very well with crispy and bright Triangle.
Two with TT88 gives more punch and power which very sensitive Triangle wouldn't need.

I would like to hear anything from you.
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Congratulations!! You'll love the system, no matter which amp you choose, Triangle speakers adore tubes. Personally I prefer EL34's to KT88's so I would go with the One. Happy listening!!
Chul Hee, something to consider is that the PrimaLuna ProLogue Two can use either EL34s or KT88s, so you'll have extra flexibility by going with the ProLogue Two if you can swing the extra $250.


Good luck, as Jond says that should be a great match!
EL34 is the key!!! triangle loves tubes!!
And tell us what cd player did you decide to buy?
Chul Hee:

You might as well hear from somebody who owns a Prima Luna ... well, two Prima Lunas to be precise ... the Prologue 2 integrated and the Prologue 5 power amp. I went with both the P2 & P5, because they have better parts and they gave me the options of using different tubes.

The KT 88 tube has warmth and gives you both midrange and bass. The bass is tuneful and it has oomph, as well. I used the P2 originally with Omega Super 3 speakers ... high sensitivity, single driver monitors and was glad that I had the extra bass reinforcement.

Regards, Rich
Okay. Primaluna Prologue Two is the winner then.
Now I have to research on CD players. Oh my, It never ends.
Any recomandation for a cheap but decent one? it already went over my budget for the amp and speakers.

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IMHO EL34s are great in the mids and highs but give up too much bass. Personally I think KT88s just sound better and I don't think you will hear all the music the Celius has to offer with the EL34s. Just because they are sensitive does not mean the Triangles wouldn't appreciate the bottom end of the music spectrum appiled from an amp that can extend down. You just don't have to crank it up to hear clean tight bass. I agree with Gunbei, the Prologue 2 would be more flexible and worth the extra $250. Also, I would think the the 2 would hold it's resale value better, if that is important to you. I think this is a no brainer, go with the 2 and roll your tubes and see where the chips fall for you. After all it is what your ears hear that matters. Enjoy the music.
Finding a CD Player wasn't too bad. It took only two days to figure out. The winner is AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000. I believe it is the best CDP under $1,000 budget.
This is just for my curiosity. The website selling the CDP also wants me to check out several accessories like Upsampler, Power Cord, and shoes. I kind of understand what upsampler and shoes are for. However, Power cord for $210? Doesn't it come along with CDP? or is this some kind of magic power cord that make sound better?

Any way Please let me know if you have any objection to my decision.

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I would be concerned with pairing too many tube components together with the resultant sound being a little too soft. For under a grand, I would be looking at either the Music Hall MMF CD 25 ($540) or the Rega Apollo ($1000 ... though I might wait for the next production run as Rega has been working out some transport quirks with this new model).

I had used the Music Hall initially with the Prima Luna 2 (before giving the MH to my brother) and was very impressed with how the two sounded together ... excellent overall musical tone and clarity. I have been using a SONY SCD 555ES SACD player (which I have had for 5 years) with the Prologue Two and while it sounds very good, it's not the MH ... though this is also my SACD system. I have wanted a Rega for awhile now and when the SONY goes, the Apollo will be the route that I will go.

With my Prima Luna 5, I am using a Musical Fidelity A3.2 (in the guise of a CD PRE 24). Those two sound positively elegant and refined together. Upscale Audio has some MF A3.2 open stock around for about a grand. While you're ordering your Prima Luna, speak to Kevin about the MF.

Regards, Rich
Agree with Rar1, don't get too many tubes going. Arcam FMJ CD23, Rega Appollo or Jupiter are good SS machines that sound good with tubes and represent good value. I have not heard the MF machines, probably good choice there also. If you want SACD capability Denon 2910 or 3910 are solid choices or if you want to step up a notch McCormack UDP-1. Good luck and good listening.
I heard those speakers with Rogue Cronus Integrated
amp -WOW WOW ! A match made in heaven-