I'm very, very lucky

After 30+ years of trying to put a good system together, (all the while, realizing, that quality vinyl was key), I have somewhat, realized the "dream".

IMO, one or (two) of the most sought after vinyl releases that elude most, have come knocking on my door/tt.

The Who, "Quadraphenia" and "Meaty,Beaty, Big & Bouncy" , have made their way across the pond to N.C. Original 'Track'.

They sound FANTASTIC!

The most surprising was MBB&B. Really mono, although some tracks say they are enhanced for stereo. This is one very good sounding lp!!

I'm a very lucky man!
Must be one of them "Hot Stampers."
Tony you're killing me here."hot stampers" almost seems like a nostalgic term.Haven't heard that for awhile.
nice pickups, slaw. Casey, there was a seller here on A'goN who specialized in hot stampers for many years. I don't see his ads anymore but I don't peruse the music ads as much as I used to. He may have given up but I could be wrong.