I'm trusting FedEx/ UPS less by the day

Many of the people working these high demand jobs in the shipping industry were already hating it before the pandemic and what not. Now I think many simply dont care one bit. Then you throw huge "fragile" and "do not drop" stickers on the box with a nice big beautiful picture advertisement of the component/ speaker on the outside box for everyone to see and its almost goading them to mess with it. 

Recently bought a subwoofer and  there was a hole/dent in the box  so deep it penetrated through the 2nd interior box. Obviously this was dropped from some distance. Not too mention the fact that the UPS driver just flopped the box off the dolly causing it to roll forward on to its other side. Right in front of me. No apology or anything,  just handed me the sign pad and acted like it was nothing. And that's how it's being treated in front of the customer I can't imagine what goes down in these warehouses. 

Ok end of rant 🙂


I redirect any high value shipments to a FedEx hold/drop location. I have a Walgreens close by that is a drop location. Worth the 15 minute round trip for piece of mind. So far so good. 

I was in freight  and trucking  for over 40 years, even worked as temp. for UPS. All I can say is triple box it. Then crate it and  strap it to a pallet when possible. Stickers of fragile or this side up mean nothing at all. You can bet your  equipment is going to travel upside down on its side no matter who you use. You can bet if its heavy it will be rolled or slid across a dock on to a truck. Boxes fall off the conveyor belts all the time. any where from a 2ft- 4ft fall.


How about fedex neglecting to pick up at a fedex box for 3 weekdays in a row without notice and then promising to rush the delivery and failing to do so?