I'm thinking that youngsters are getting burned .

I was thinking that youngsters and the financially challenged are getting burned by the audio press. Do they know that they can have music in the home cheaply? A Rega-Planar 3(or according to some, a Music Hall turntable) and maybe 20 pre-1982 albums will get music in the home, period. You don't have to have the big bucks. What I would like to discuss is those 20 albums. The idea came to me as I was listening to Gerry Rafferty's "City to City". I would include 3 Beatles' albums, their White album, "Abbey Road", and "Magical Mystery Tour"(don't buy these from a store-too expensive.). I have, at least, a class C cd player, and I suggest that you can get music cheaper.
After an approximately 15 year hiatus, I played my old copy the other day, after cleaning it of course. This one has aged beautifully in my opinion; it's a classic, and well-recorded as a bonus.
The first part of your post applies to most things in life.

..Why buy a Mercedes when a Kia will get you there?
..Why buy designer suits when the cheaper ones will cover you up?
..and on and on and on

I can't imagine limiting myself to 20 albums at any age. If that is all you can afford then I think your money would be better spent on the necessities of life and listen to the radio until you can afford to start on this hobby.
I agree with Herman that more music is needed than 20 albums.

However, if the point your trying to make is that for a VERY small investment a young person can enter the world of analog, learn from it and enjoy new music, I agree completely.

We need to encourage anyone who is interested in this hobby to join in.
For the most part youngsters see and feel like youngsters. It is more than the music. It is also the technology that gathers and delivers the music. "for the times they are a changin'".
I spent $2500 on my(admittedly good) APL Hi-Fi's Denon 3910 cd player(a class-C Stereophile recommendation before modification). I spent over $3700 on my turntable setup. I just remember that I learned almost all I know about audio when I was broke. For one, my memory was good(which is no longer the case{I'm 54}. The second is that I didn't have much money-I had to make do. I want to mention to those with no money the Zhalou(read about it on Head-Fi). We are old and fat now. We are not the future. With that in mind, I want to add Supertramp's "Breakfast in America" to those twenty discs we are supposed to come up with. Herman, I suggest that you drive the early Porshce's and compare them to later Porshce's to see if your comment(which is similiar to others) is correct. We are no longer the future. We need the youngster's input! You would not believe what I came up with when I had no money(I've gotten respect from Walker and Mana from what I learned when I was broke.).
I'm not sure I follow about the Porsches.

My interpretation of the original post was "why spend a lot of money when you can have music very cheaply?"

My point was that you can apply that philosophy to just about anything once you get past the basic necessities to sustain life. That doesnÂ’t mean I agree with it. I clearly see the difference in a Mercedes and Kia . I was just pointing out that if you adhere to the cheap music philosophy then you should also choose the Kia. I prefer the Mercedes.
herman, instead of buying the merceds, by a kia and donate the difference to charity.

i beleive in value, if you are paying more than something is worth, you should buy something else even though you can afford the more expensive and overpriced item.
herman, you took the bait. evidently you couldn't detect the humor in my post.

either i need to go back to comedy school or you need to get in touch with your humerous side.

i wouldn't react too harshly, its bad for your blood pressure.

another piece of advice you proably don't want. stop taking life so seriously. lighten up.
Mr. Tennis, I do have a sense of humor and take things as lightly as they warrant. I may be wrong but from looking through your other threads you seem to enjoy taking unconventional positions just to see what responses you can get. Some call this trolling. Some feel this is enjoying yourself at the expense of others. Most simply call this childish. Since by your own admission you think that "baiting" people on these forums is an acceptable practice I must respectfully disagree and will avoid engaging you in the future.
hi herman. it's a 2 way street. i have been on the reciving end of comments which were meant to be humorous. realizing this , i am trying to lighten up and not take these discussion forums to seriously.

while i may have teased you in this instance, i don't think that i have been doing this all the time. i'll let you be the judge. but remember, judge not lest ye be judged.

in the future i'll try to be more helpful.
Herman, I'm glad I'm not you(as far as attacks). I want to mention that price does not equate automatically to quality. I know that you were probably attacked unfairly in this area. I just want you to remember when you were broke-when you had to make do. Did you not learn something from that. Something that has real meaning to you today. I've been attacked(as you probably have guessed), also. If, when you were broke, learned something that stuck to you to this day-what does that mean?
I lost my response again. I think it happens with the shift bar. Anyhow, the young have memory: the old do not. I encourage the young to get involved in this hobby. While the old can outspend you, you've got memory(which they don't have), have time, and can hear high-frequencies(which they cannot). I'm now expecting you youngsters to tell us oldsters something!
I think the young definitely understand that they can have music in the home cheaply - they understand internet radio stations. My 16-year-old son has the most diverse tastes in music of anybody I've ever met - whenever I walk by his room, music is playing, often something I've never heard before, usually catching my ear. He pumps it all through his boom-box, which wouldn't be my choice, but he seems to really enjoy it. He got that as a present, I pay for the internet connection - near as I can tell, he has a rich music-loving life and spends zero on it.

Whether he will ever upgrade the sound quality, who knows. My guess is that it will be a while before he thinks about spending any money on even modest equipment, so long as the free stream of music continues. It's fun, though, since we share music opinions often.
Kthomas, I have a cd called, "Listen Picks", where they claim they have listened to all the music on the Web, and these are the songs that they like best. I'm guessing they are all compressed. Guess what, they sound horrible, compared to cd's. I know that there has been statements about you can't hear the difference. Remember direct-drive turntables, where you had to put in the missing stuff? That's how I would describe compressed recordings. The best of the bunch concentrate on midrange, but even there, you have to provide the missing info with your head.
I don't understand about kids getting a bad break. A teenager plunks down a couple hundred dollars and carries around several thousand songs downloaded / swapped for free.

In the mid 70's, a couple hundred bucks would get you maybe a combo am/fm phono piece of junk that sounded a little better than a decent table radio.

What was written about in the audio mags of that time was just as unaffordable to the average teen as what it is today.