I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind...

I brought some Analysis Crystal oval 8 speaker cables home and I can’t justify spending that much $ on cables, yet I can’t take them out of my system...

My setup is pretty modest, Audio Quest Red Dragonfly DAC (Tidal), McCormack Micro Line Drive, B&K reference 4420, Kef LS50, Rel T9i...

I’m having a huge dilemma here because these cables make everything sound so natural, real, detailed yet less bright and less sibilance, great imaging, bass, and timing.  The music fits together better.  

I’m comparing them to Signal Cable Silver Resolution, which wonout over some $1100 Tara Labs, and some $900 Clear Day Cables (which did sound better by the way, I just couldn’t justify the price difference for the sq difference), BUT, dang these Analysis Cables....

I think if I got this upgrade in SQ on any component for close to this $ I’d go for it but I’m having a hard time spending this $ on speaker cables because, well they’re just cables.

And now its in the back of my mind how inferior my beloved signal cables are and how they’ll make any component from here on out be short changed.

Please, someone chime in and let me know that lamp cord actually sounds just as good so I can go on with my life.

Happy New Year!
My family could not see the point of my buying Audience AU24SX interconnects in June.
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Welcome! to the club. No, you have not lost your mind. Keep the Analysis Crystal and enjoy the music.   Happy Listening!

Try some cheaper Analysis Plus cables and see if they make the grade. I know some people rave about the Chocolate Ovals.
I actually did end up going with some Analysis plus cables, they look like a black oval 8 (?) but instead of black they are purple.  They don’t have a model name on them.  Regardless, they sound really good as well and I picked them up second hand from a buddy that just retired from the audio industry. I paid $130!

I’ve liked all of the Analysis cables I’ve ever tried.  I wonder if they are some of the best bang for the buck cables at reasonable prices.  
One of the absolute deals in all of audio is the Analysis Plus Pro Oval Power Cord, available all over the place for less than 100 bucks. Wattgate connectors, what have you. Cannot beat with stick.
@geoffkait - You are right.  Thanks for the recommendation.
Using one now on a TEAC CD3000 being employed as DAC.  Switching to the Pro Oval from a Venom 3S removed a bit of haze across the soundstage and improved clarity.