I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind...

I brought some Analysis Crystal oval 8 speaker cables home and I can’t justify spending that much $ on cables, yet I can’t take them out of my system...

My setup is pretty modest, Audio Quest Red Dragonfly DAC (Tidal), McCormack Micro Line Drive, B&K reference 4420, Kef LS50, Rel T9i...

I’m having a huge dilemma here because these cables make everything sound so natural, real, detailed yet less bright and less sibilance, great imaging, bass, and timing.  The music fits together better.  

I’m comparing them to Signal Cable Silver Resolution, which wonout over some $1100 Tara Labs, and some $900 Clear Day Cables (which did sound better by the way, I just couldn’t justify the price difference for the sq difference), BUT, dang these Analysis Cables....

I think if I got this upgrade in SQ on any component for close to this $ I’d go for it but I’m having a hard time spending this $ on speaker cables because, well they’re just cables.

And now its in the back of my mind how inferior my beloved signal cables are and how they’ll make any component from here on out be short changed.

Please, someone chime in and let me know that lamp cord actually sounds just as good so I can go on with my life.

Happy New Year!

My opinion is that if you have decent cables to begin with, any improvement in sound quality provided by more expensive cables, if any (and I don't think there will be any) is going to be so subtle that the only way you will be able to discern a difference is with an instantaneous A/B switch. Hardly any consumer has the capability to do this so perceived improvements are more likely to be the result of expectation bias.

You haven’t lost your mind. There are some cables that will sound better in your system to you. About 8 years ago (when my hearing was better) I home auditioned cables/interconnects from 3 different manufacturers from The Cable Company. There was a noticeable difference.  Your KEF speakers are highly resolving speakers that are critically acclaimed and huge bang for the buck — but might be a little bright, forward and fatiguing.  While I think that room treatments are likely to better diminish the brightness, certain cables can take the edge off.  I think most would agree that yours are true audiophile speakers, and worthy of your investment in more expensive cables. Happy listening!!!
WITH all due respect to dcevans, better cables almost never mask anything- they bring out more of everything. Better and a more solid bottom end, better upper midrange (read- better separation of instruments, better stage), and more extension on the treble end.
So if your tweeters aren't really superb, you're heading for room treatments, new speakers, rearranging the room, etc. A class-A amplifier can sweeten things up too, after you buy an expensive digital front end...
The high-end is good for one thing- trying to attain the absolute sound.
Then you find out you need a new gadget or super-speaker because it makes what you have sound "broken".  Sorry, that comment went a little long, but I must repeat- have FUN, but don't get stressed out.
P.S.- Oh, I did buy lamp cord at first (a long time ago), and it sounded fine. Then I upgraded to stranded OFC cable in clear jackets, and it looked better and was inexpensive. I don't remember any big differences, but it was "the least I could do".  next I...

My family could not see the point of my buying Audience AU24SX interconnects in June.
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Welcome! to the club. No, you have not lost your mind. Keep the Analysis Crystal and enjoy the music.   Happy Listening!