I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind...

I brought some Analysis Crystal oval 8 speaker cables home and I can’t justify spending that much $ on cables, yet I can’t take them out of my system...

My setup is pretty modest, Audio Quest Red Dragonfly DAC (Tidal), McCormack Micro Line Drive, B&K reference 4420, Kef LS50, Rel T9i...

I’m having a huge dilemma here because these cables make everything sound so natural, real, detailed yet less bright and less sibilance, great imaging, bass, and timing.  The music fits together better.  

I’m comparing them to Signal Cable Silver Resolution, which wonout over some $1100 Tara Labs, and some $900 Clear Day Cables (which did sound better by the way, I just couldn’t justify the price difference for the sq difference), BUT, dang these Analysis Cables....

I think if I got this upgrade in SQ on any component for close to this $ I’d go for it but I’m having a hard time spending this $ on speaker cables because, well they’re just cables.

And now its in the back of my mind how inferior my beloved signal cables are and how they’ll make any component from here on out be short changed.

Please, someone chime in and let me know that lamp cord actually sounds just as good so I can go on with my life.

Happy New Year!
I've been using their Big Silver Ovals, for a few years now.     People can, "chime in" all they want.   My system tells me all I need to know!
One of the absolute deals in all of audio is the Analysis Plus Pro Oval Power Cord, available all over the place for less than 100 bucks. Wattgate connectors, what have you. Cannot beat with stick. 
I’m having a huge dilemma here because these cables make everything sound so natural, real, detailed yet less bright and less sibilance, great imaging, bass, and timing.  The music fits together better.
Time to stock up on some Ramen noodles for the foreseeable future.
If it sounds right it's hard, if not impossible, to go back to what doesn't.

All the best,

AP Copper Oval In IC is a big bang for the buck as well.
Hey B
As individuals on the hunt for better sound. It can be like a locksmith trying to find the combination to the lock by listening and feeling when turning the knob. And then he turns it in the last right spot. There was only one last right spot to be worth all that effort to make it successful. In the same way those cables may be THE key to what you want out of your system. You have to decide. Sometimes people don’t know when they have something better until they get rid of it, and some people don’t know when to be content, or read happy, with what they have. Just read audiogon’s threads for 5 minutes. I know you have been for a few years.
Enjoy your system
If they are that good, I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for them based on the costs of R&D, production and distribution, plus a reasonable profit margin - a.k.a. far less than what they are asking.
Which company is the Op repping?
You may not have lost your mind after all.

I upgraded many things recently.

My family could not see the point of my buying Audience AU24SX interconnects in June. Well reviewed, but expensive.
Listening to them, I get it. A worthwhile purchase.
A much better presentation of music.
And one I will not be upgrading.

Won't talk about their response to the ATC SCM19v2 speakers I also bought.
Lamp cord actually sounds just as good. 

I am glad to be of help.
Lamp cord is junk Dude. Keep on trucking!

"Please, someone chime in and let me know that lamp cord actually sounds just as good so I can go on with my life."

Just some more info, Im not with any company.  Picked these up at a local shop. They had them there for sale pre-owned and are asking under $1k for a 6 foot pair, which was still a hard pill to swallow.

I had talked to this guy a couple days ago and he had some of these https://www.kirmussaudio.com/hi-end-audio-adrenaline-cable.html
so I went and picked them up today to give them a try.  So far I think this will fit the bill.  Initial impressions are good so I may just save the $ and go for these.  I
Ebay is your friend. Go thru your attic, closets, etc. Find things that you can live without. Sell on ebay. Enjoy less "stuff" in your house and enjoy your new cables. That's what I do.
You may want to read Fremer's article about the Kirmuss guy.  Not sure all is Kosher there.
Can you really hear much difference between speaker cables costing $240 to those costing $1,000 to $5,000?  I have read a few articles where they have said spending this kind of money on cables is a waste of money because they were not able to hear much of a difference.
Just keep them, I use speaker cables that used to cost new as much as my speakers new. In the long run this will not feel too expensive.
@b_limo,You have not lost your mind. Couple of years back you and I exchanged emails on Signal cables vs Clear Day. I like the Clear Day in my system. If you are more than happy with the Analysis cables, then it's time to sell the rest and move on.I was wondering where you had disappeared all this time. Do update your system when you get a chance.
Cables do sound different, but I am not so sure past a certain point the price is a factor.  I think it is more how the cables interact with the system.  
I agree with robob.  How the cables interact / synergy is key.  I guess there are so many variables between amps, speakers, cables, etc. Thats part of what makes the hobby fun!

@ Larry, the difference was very minimal across the board but at the same time it wasn’t minimal.  The high hats a cymbals went from sounding good to sounding real.  It also seemed like the timing or rythm / swing / bounce of the music changed.  It  unraveled rock music that had multiple intruments layered on top of each other in a way that allowed me to hear and follow each instrument and have a better understanding of how the instruments interacted with each other in order to make music.  The cables also sounded more laid back without losing any detail.  It makes me wonder if my other cables are slanted to the bright side.

Anyhow, I’m still on the fence about the purchase.  I’m going to let these other cables burn in for a few days then possibly try the Analysis cables again.  I’m thinking that I can have more gains right now with some more room treatments but we’ll see! 
Quality speaker cables truly can bring your system together, musically.  Are they system dependent?  Of course everything involved in our systems are!  I've been party to so many cable trials that there remains no doubt about their importance in system synergy. Listen to those cables that bring the music together such that it just envelops the soundscape with clean, dynamic,  frequency-even sound!  STOP there.

Interaction is important but great cables will sound at least very good with everything unless perhaps custom made for particular speakers.
Keep them

Myself, I can’t believe I ended up with Audioquest’s finest WELs.  Best I have ever owned and experienced at length.
Well.... you wrote to tell us you're debating the wisdom of this purchase, which indicates to me at least that while they're good they're not worth the money. These wires are not speakers which tend to be much more in the "keepers" category or an amplifier you really love. When I bought a (demo) Rowland preamp many years ago I could afford it after saving up awhile,
and it was pretty wonderful and I kept it for a long time. I wanted a Rowland amp also, but I had to walk away because it was REALLY expensive. I could never afford the speakers I wanted either, so I waited
(and waited...). Saying "no" is no crime. Right now I'm listening to a pair of "terrible" speakers in my bedroom while I recover from surgery, but they're not that bad really. They don't play symphonies but they still do a lot of things. And my Tivoli stereo radio is a remarkable component also.
It's not Magico M3's but so what (no insult to Magico of course).
Rule #1- Have fun, but don't forget to put food on the table.
If you need to be told lamp cord is just as good, then lamp cord is just as good.

I am saddened by the fact that I cannot tell much difference between cables (when specified correctly and properly terminated).  My 12 AWG Beldon 5000 ($1.25/ft.) sounds the same as my Kimber 8TC or the Nordhost Blue Heavens I auditioned.  I'm jealous of all you folks that can hear these profound differences.

I can take some consolation in that my sensory shortcomings have enabled me to save enough money to buy better speakers, a new DAC, and a bunch of new music.
Dac's are about as good as cables when t comes to hearing differences.

My opinion is that if you have decent cables to begin with, any improvement in sound quality provided by more expensive cables, if any (and I don't think there will be any) is going to be so subtle that the only way you will be able to discern a difference is with an instantaneous A/B switch. Hardly any consumer has the capability to do this so perceived improvements are more likely to be the result of expectation bias.

You haven’t lost your mind. There are some cables that will sound better in your system to you. About 8 years ago (when my hearing was better) I home auditioned cables/interconnects from 3 different manufacturers from The Cable Company. There was a noticeable difference.  Your KEF speakers are highly resolving speakers that are critically acclaimed and huge bang for the buck — but might be a little bright, forward and fatiguing.  While I think that room treatments are likely to better diminish the brightness, certain cables can take the edge off.  I think most would agree that yours are true audiophile speakers, and worthy of your investment in more expensive cables. Happy listening!!!
WITH all due respect to dcevans, better cables almost never mask anything- they bring out more of everything. Better and a more solid bottom end, better upper midrange (read- better separation of instruments, better stage), and more extension on the treble end.
So if your tweeters aren't really superb, you're heading for room treatments, new speakers, rearranging the room, etc. A class-A amplifier can sweeten things up too, after you buy an expensive digital front end...
The high-end is good for one thing- trying to attain the absolute sound.
Then you find out you need a new gadget or super-speaker because it makes what you have sound "broken".  Sorry, that comment went a little long, but I must repeat- have FUN, but don't get stressed out.
P.S.- Oh, I did buy lamp cord at first (a long time ago), and it sounded fine. Then I upgraded to stranded OFC cable in clear jackets, and it looked better and was inexpensive. I don't remember any big differences, but it was "the least I could do".  next I...

My family could not see the point of my buying Audience AU24SX interconnects in June.
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Welcome! to the club. No, you have not lost your mind. Keep the Analysis Crystal and enjoy the music.   Happy Listening!

Try some cheaper Analysis Plus cables and see if they make the grade. I know some people rave about the Chocolate Ovals.
I actually did end up going with some Analysis plus cables, they look like a black oval 8 (?) but instead of black they are purple.  They don’t have a model name on them.  Regardless, they sound really good as well and I picked them up second hand from a buddy that just retired from the audio industry. I paid $130!

I’ve liked all of the Analysis cables I’ve ever tried.  I wonder if they are some of the best bang for the buck cables at reasonable prices.  
One of the absolute deals in all of audio is the Analysis Plus Pro Oval Power Cord, available all over the place for less than 100 bucks. Wattgate connectors, what have you. Cannot beat with stick.
@geoffkait - You are right.  Thanks for the recommendation.
Using one now on a TEAC CD3000 being employed as DAC.  Switching to the Pro Oval from a Venom 3S removed a bit of haze across the soundstage and improved clarity.