I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building

I am fortunate enough to be getting kicked out of my dedicated audio space 12’x16’x9’ to make space for the kids to have separate rooms .I am remodeling a stand alone building on my property.The dimensions are 16’x24’x9’ with 10"thick cement floor.I am open to either treating and painting the floor or a floating pergo style floor ( no carpet ) with floor rugs .the walls are drywalled 2x6 construction insulated with redwood board and batten exterior, above the ceiling is insulation with open attic area(which I could add more insulation). As a few of you know I am fully off grid and generate my own power thru solar and gen backup into large battery banks then inverted to my house etc.The only furniture per say will be three reclining chairs etc .I will transfer a lot of my treatment panels and add more as needed. Also I will be trying to set up a humidity and temp control for this room when not in it, I was thinking 60deg 60% humidity .thoughts?
Any tips or thoughts are appreciated .
Thank Ray

I still will have my home theatre setup which is pretty nice in the house also so i’m stoked .
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maybe not I can't load a pic here

Sure you can it's easy once you've done your 1st one, just use this https://imgbb.com/ free image hosting like I do.
Up load your pic to it from your computer, and load it and you get a link to post here like I did with mine  https://ibb.co/LhGsmw6

Cheers George

Very cool. I'd love to pick your brain some day on your "off-grid" system. As far the room goes, I would borrow a good, single, active monitor, a measurement mic (Behringer is fine and cheap) and install and use REW to analyse the acoustics and see if they are any glaring issues or tweaks to be made while still in the construction phase. I'm certain there are a lot of people who could look at the REW results by just posting the file here and letting those with experience help.

Of course I'm assuming that you don't already do this?


Tom eh
oleschool OP

That will work. Big waisted space behind the chairs, you only need half that.
With that length you could do what I did though, move your listening chairs and speakers/subs back say 8ft.
And then have with a short wall (your father in law could make no problems) behind the speaker for your subs and mains.
And have something like my sunroom, maybe as a bar with small fridge behind one of the short walls, small table/chairs to do some modding/soledring or work on.etc.

Cheers George
I finished my purpose-built two channel room a year ago. You are at the perfect stage to optimize dimensions with shelving and storage.

1. I suggest looking up dimensions obtained by a big simulation, done properly, by the School of Acoustics at Salford University in the UK. Results and a paper in the professional literature are offered for download.

2. Stereophile had a feature article on a case study of a music room, early in 2019. Lot of good ideas there.

3.  My own experience with Quietrock 545 and elastomeric glues and caulking from Chemlink was very good. Q 545 is not cheap, but it's solid solid solid - more than an inch thick, two formulations of gypsum plus a layer of sheet steel. As for Chemlink, we used at least 10 cases of the stuff.

My results were excellent. The quality of silence in the room is remarkable - in fact, most visitors remark on it right away. When I want an intimate sound, I sit in the usual listening position. Big bass, in a corner.

Good luck!