I'm not into Home Theater but...

The scene with my nephiew 20, is kind of a "Home Theater" that is very common in United States. US is my home and home of many other e-surfers here.

A couple of days ago He(my nephiew) displayed a middle finger from his QX4 window while driving arround with his friend. When he stopped on the traffic light a couple of guys from addressed vehicle behind came out and started to kick it with heavy construction boots kind of working out kicks.

My angry nephiew with his friend jumped out from the SUV and started to ask what ...unpublic speach...
The final result was his friend in the morgue and himself is barely alive in the recovery room with one eye missing.

How World can see patriots in us if we are ready to brutally kill each other?

I do not aim to judge both sides for who is guilty I'm just displaying the fact.
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Where did this brutality take place? It sounds like more than road rage. And what is a QX4?
QX4 is SUV and this was a road rage in Brooklyn NY
More proof that you shouldn't start something you can't finish!! I'm appauld that it ended in a beating death, but let's face it, if he never "flew the bird", he wouldn't be in the hospital.
Scary! I am also 20 and often get told I act like I am 50. Though it sounds like something that many of my friends would do, and has happened to one. He was in the military(slightly older then I) 21 at the time, at a bar in South Carolina. He got seperated from his army pals, and was found the next mourning beaten to death in a phone booth, what happened no one knows, but he is gone. Sad when a life with that much potential ends so quickly, I hope for the love of god that they caught the animals who did this, it is one thing to 'give someone the bird', yea call the guy a jerk and get on your way, it is another to start kicking his vehicle and then when they ask "what's going on??" to start fighting. Reminds me of a song my Michael Ruff-From the song "What kind of World is this" the line goes as follows: "We turn our eyes away from lovers but we gather for a fight". Marakantz you have most heart felt condolonces to this senseless tragedy.
First of all, I am extremely sorry for this total tragedy. It was obviously brutal and senseless and it has no place in a modern world where people claim to think. I hope that you and your nephew will find peace after all this. He will probably need your help to regain his confidence and hope. This is a prime example of the fact that parents are not teaching their children about common respect and LOVE. These kids obviously thought that you could gain respect by acting tough. And it is worthless and senseless and it only proved that life is delicate and priceless. I, for one, choose to teach my children by example that LOVE is the true goal and that life is much more than image. I understand that they have their own brain and will become what they please but I have hope that they will consider my life focus and follow. That doesn't mean that I am a saint. I have come from a long line of violent and angry men and it is a trial every day to walk the straight and narrow. So I am putting my hope in JESUS CHRIST because he is the only hope for an angry world without direction and self worth. I hope that this doesn't bring a guffaw. There is tremendous truth in the hope that GOD has in sending his son. I can only hope that many find it before more young men and women will die and be maimed in this senseless and sickening fashion. Please find this hope and share it with your nephew so that he doesn't live in vengeful hate for the rest of his life. The truth is easy to find. Just accept that JESUS came to this earth in the flesh to die for us and save us from this type of life and death. This life transforming power makes life whole and satisfying forever.
Without getting into theological issues, although I can certainly appreciate Mcne's comments, I think everyone can see the importance of NOT provoking violence or becoming confrontational/adversarial in situations like the one Marakanetz described. Violence begets violence, and often the consequences of such actions are not pretty. When those men started kicking the nephew's car, the nephew should have realized that these men were "on-the-edge" to respond in that manner. He should have never gotten out of the car to confront them. If he would have swallowed his machismo and simply drove off then he and his friend would probably not have been harmed. This is an easy mistake to make when you are young and strong, but unfortunately it sometimes results in these kinds of unfortunate tragedies. The bottom line is that it doesn't pay to be confrontational in such situations. What if, instead, your nephew had seriously injured his attackers from the other vehicle -- either way, the outcome is an unacceptable tragedy. I am very sorry that your nephew had to learn this hard lesson and that his friend was killed. In my youth, I had done the same types of foolish things as your nephew, and was very fortunate that my friends and I escaped serious injury. In this crazy violent world you are often better off not flipping someone the bird (even if they are idiots) and if they flip you the bird or curse you, just ignore them and go about your business.
It is truly sad. I got this old by not doing or saying something stupid; to somebody who "is" stupid.Tag line: and you just never know till you may be in over your head.
...in continuation of that "Home Theater" the murderers got arrested and we'd seek at least a life-in-prison with no parole for the murder in the 1st degree.

As to avoiding such situations 1.I'd never come out of the vehicle and used my cell phone to call police(I'm sure that He had his cell phone in the car) 2. If they would try to break into the car I would use my car for the self defence
since I know that car is much stronger than fist or even a baseball bat(like Collin Powell once said: use excessive force to have minimal casualties).
Glad to hear it! My condolences.