I'm Not Flexible

I am looking for suggestions for a great power cable under $400 for a CD player that is very flexible. Garden hoses need not apply. What do you think?
TG Audio 688
KWorks Empowered Cords would fill the bill. VERY effective and flexible.
Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix Mark II power cord with Plus treatment. This one is flexible, but requires separation of its four (!) strands which would run in parallel from the power outlet to your component CD player. There are some unique, almost weird looking products which live up to their manufacturer's bold claims, and this is one of them. This might be your first tweaky product, or at least this can serve as a recommendation to another Audiogon member trying to sort through a seemingly endless forest of power cords, and willing to think outside the box.
How long of cable do you need?
Thanks for the input. While I have heard of TG Audio, I have never heard of KWorks. Do you have a website address or other contact info?
Check out the Power Chord from Audience. I've tested it against quite a few popular cords and next to the Elrod signature cords which are a lot more expensive it's my favorite, it is also quite flexible and easy to use. You can get a brand new 5ft length for about 275
JPS Labs Digital AC Power Cord. $349. Hard to beat.


I had great luck on digital front end with the Eichmann Xpress cord.

I would also otherwise recommend the TG as well. You might even get a deal on a used HSRa ior HSRi.
Check out the ION cord, only $150 US. Ribbon type and is very flexible plus it compares to much more expensive cords.

Nathanu--you can try getting the KWorks cord through A-goN member Bigkidz, I think he's distributing them. I use them along with TG Audio SLVRs in my system, both excellent cables. KWorks is one of our NJ Audio Society members, that's how I came upon them.
Don't underestimate the Granite Audio power cords. I have not tried the real high end ones, but this cord made such a differance that I won't be shopping for another for quite a while.
Thanks to all for the advice. I ended up with the Verastarr Silver Reference Power Cords. They really opened up the detail and soundstaging -- and they are extremely flexible and well made.
Nathanu, TG hasn't been around long enough for a website as just our 21st year in business :-) I have dealers who do all of that.......Best deal is to get yourself a Gen II HSR-I or HSR-A used and have it rebuilt into a 688 cord which is very close to the SLVR cord and might even be preferable to the SLVR in some systems.....The update will be $50 to $100 depending upon which cord you find used....Most folks just have the seller send the cords here.....email me for details if you decide to go this route....

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders
Thanks Bob, I may take you up on your offer in the future. At the moment though I am all set and very pleased with the Verastarr Silver Reference Power Cord.