I'm new & need help? What receiver to buy?

I have 5 speakers + a s/w and need help on what receiver to buy now for home theatre with progressive scan dvd. I may buy more speakers next year, so is it ok to go with a 6.1 or 7.1 now?
The speakers I presently have are some older Snell Acoustic E-II front speakers a pair of Mirage M-190 rear speakers, a Mirage center speaker and a new HSU - VTF II sub/w. I also have a Toshiba 4700 progressive scan DVD player and an old 26" Fisher TV that I plan to convert to a HDTV soon. I'm in a 12 x 17 family room now but will be in a large home end of the year with a large family and high ceilings. I'll want to do multi room in that new home. I want a receiver that has a good DVD audio. I've been thinking about the Pioneer Elite VSX-37TX and the Onkyo TXDS797 or DS898.
Also do I lose performance in a receiver now using 5.1 channels as I have and buying a 6.1 or 7.1 receiver for the future upgrades I may do? DVD audio is important as well as video since I'll watch DVD's and TV 70 per cent of the time compared to listening to CD's 30 per cent.
For less than $2k you can buy the Outlaw 950 processor and their matching 165 watts x 5 ch power amplifier. This package will kill any receiver, give you 7.1 flexability in the future and allow you to drive any speakers you might ever get. Check them out at www.outlawaudio.com. Walter
Depending on your budget, you may want to consider the B&K AV307, which was awarded a "Platinum Award" as an "Editor's Choice for 2001" by Sterephile Guide to Home Theater. MSRP on this receiver is about $3200 as I recall, but it's a fine unit.

Depending on your budget, there are several great receivers you can choose from in just about any price range.

For $3,000.00 and up, there is the Denon AVR-5800, and the B&K AV307.

In the $2,000.00 and under range, there is then the Yamaha RX-V1, and the Denon AVR-4802 (which has gotten a favorable review in the current issue of "the Perfect Vision).

And in the under $1,000.00 range, there are several good candidates as well, which includes among them, the $500.00 Outlaw, and a nice, decent Yamaha RX-V620 for about the same price.

It may come down to whether or not you're going to want the latest surround sound capabilities. If you want the latest surround sound capabilities or the latest features, then you may have to look at the higher-end of the A/V Receiver market. If you are willing to give up the absolute latest features or surround sound formats for the sake of saving a little money, then any one of the Class 5 receivers should serve you well.

Good Luck with your home theater system.