I'm never going to hear a megaspeaker in a good room am I?

Was thinking about something. There’s a thread about good $40K speakers which made me think that honestly despite hearing a lot of them at shows, I’ve never heard one in a decent environment. Now, perhaps we can argue:

If it doesn’t sound good anywhere, including a hotel room, is it really that good a speaker?

But let’s not go that route. But I am thinking to myself, in well treated rooms the best speakers I’ve heard were merely mid-range Wilsons and Magicos. I say "merely" because they were under $40k, not because of performance. The two best speakers I’ve heard, in medicore rooms were the SF Stradivari and Snell A/III, and top of the line Vandersteen.

All the $40K + speakers I’ve heard have been at shows, and either very badly treated rooms, or in halls so big the first reflection point was like a mountain echo. Am I ever going to get to listen to $40K+ speakers in great rooms anywhere again??

As a result, I’ve developed a severe bias against the performance of mega speakers, because I only ever hear them in terrible rooms and have not heard one I’d spend money for, and honestly that's unfair to them.

and just as happy to provide you with trickle down technology in the $1,400 a pair 1 ci, made here in Marica, in California no less....ha

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I really would like a chance to hear the Vandersteen line anew. I'm moving to the opposite coast soon though, and by the end of covid there will probably be something else.
Eric - did you settle on where ? There is super excellent Vandy dealers in Atlanta and Verona NJ. Best ever sound I have heard out of the MBL in a sleepy University town in SC...

IF you want to improve your DIY consider cabinet wothin a cabinet w constrained layer damping between the cabinets.

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@Hi tomic601

I'm happy to say that the cabinets for the SNR-1 were made by Lee Taylor and I could not be happier.  Those cabinets do not need mods.  What I need is a great room to put them in. :)