I'm moving--advice please

I am moving to Germany in about a month--really good job offer I could not turn down. Of course, this has some implications for my stereo and home theater setups.

My 2 channel system consists of:

Denon 5 CD carousel
NAD preamp
Proceed DAP
Phillips CD recorder
B&K 220 wpc amp
Martin Logan Ascents

Obviously, I'll have to run all above off a step down transformer which will be easy to obtain (I'm moving to a heavily US Military populated area).

At present, all components are running through a Quantum Octave power conditioner...I think I might have to score another one of those once I get to Europe to split the electrical load in half (probably run the speakers off one conditioner and all else off another one).

Anyone have any advice on precautions I should take running a system at 110 stepped down from 220?

Also, since I'll be "on the continent" any reccomendations on components/manufacturers I might want to scope out? The Eurodollar kicks in on 1 Jan 02, so if I time it right, might be able to save a buck or two as the exchange rates float to equilibrium...

Thanks (Vielen danke)

vermonter: (1) you'll need to change your user name; (2) detlof lives in deutschland and seems quite knowledgable about audio dealers/equipment; (3) gregm also lives in europe, tho i can't recall where--nontheless, grem's likewise a knowledgable guy who might also offer you advice; (4) beware the flittchens; (5) good listening! -kelly
Hi, Vermonter: I lived in Germany from 1968-1973 (US Army), and was stationed in Karlsruhe, Idar-Oberstein, and Worms. My first wife's family was from Austria and Germany, so I got to see lots of places that many Americans missed. I really envy you - if you hear of any good teaching and/or human resources management jobs, please post them here so I can apply (grin).

Where will you be living in Germany?

I'll be living in Kaiserslautern...I'm retiring from the AF at the end of this month, and was assigned at Ramstein Airbase from 94 to 98 so this is a return for me...

I am looking forward to returning...had a great time there before and am sure I will this time around as well.

Vermonter (I'll keep that user name--describes my roots, not where I presently live--thanks)
vermonter: hope you recognize i was joking re your user name. as i've noted before, mine comes from my iowa roots, tho i've not lived there for almost 30 years. BTW, i also envy your living in europe. if i won the (BIG) lottery, i'd split my time between denver and environs (read:aspen/vail) and london. i have many fond memories of germany, too. FWIW, i took my law school entrance exams (LSAT) at an army base close by heidelberg in 1965, during my first visit across the pond (i did quite ok, but might have fared even better had i not spent the very late night before at a "fencing club"). -kelly

ps- do try to look up detlof. we sometimes worry about his visits to his friends from the vienna circle (he must be very old).
Come back to Vermont, that's my advice. But since you probably won't....I have a nephew in Germany who works for a sound studio. Hopes to make it as a musician with no knowledge of music. Amazing what computers tell kids they can do. My sister lives in Switzerland near Ensemble electronics, but they wouldn't give her the time of day. No factory deals there!
Live music is more a way of life there. Lots of concerts.
Enjoy yourself and watch that German beer. Oh, and stay away from political rallys at night unless your young and bald.
Since your current system is lacking in analog, do check out the Thomas Scheu designed turntables (and arm). These apparently have made quite a name for themselves in Europe, but have yet to make significant inroads in the U.S. From what I can tell, listening to these would be time well spent. Just a thought, -John
Vermonter: I know Ramstein well -- my duty station in Idar-Oberstein was about 30 miles north of K-town, not far from Baumholder. Joking aside, if you happen to see some good job leads, let me know. I'd love to return to Germany.
Cornfedboy--I took you advice in the tongue in cheek manner in which it was offered--not to worry...

Snooker--Come back to Vermont? Well, maybe after I make my first million or so...

SDcampbell--I'll certainly keep an eye open for opportunities for you across the pond.

So, here is my social calendar so far courtesy of the many friends I left behind:

Bernkastle Kues Fest early Sep
Bad Durkheim Fest mid Sep
Oktoberfest late Sep
Zermatt for skiing over Thanksgiving

Life is good.

Here is your excuse to get a new system that runs on the higher voltage!! Good Luck!