I'm loooking for this system...

I've read quite a bit here and have finally pinned down my needs. Who better to ask where to start than you. I'd appreciate input on building my system. For now I'd like to focus on the speakers and the amp to make sure they work together. My needs are as follows:

• Music is mostly smaller classical, jazz, world (mostly Africa), some rock, acoustic guitar, and electronic and acoustic space music. I guess it would be a good all rounder speaker, but better on the acoustic side than on the rock side.
• Prefer fuss free SS.
• Speakers placed close to the back wall about 7 feet apart.
• Speakers should look nice to the wifey.
• Good enough off axis and good at low volumes.
• Hopefully a low profile speaker
• Prefer warmth to detail
• Prefer musicality to pinpoint soundstaging
• CD only, if that makes a difference
• Room is 24 x 14 x 9. wood floors, stuffed furniture
• Budget for the system is around $12,000, give or take
• Make it a keeper system

I'd like to start with the speakers thus this forum. Any speaker and amp recs appreciated. And thank you!
Is that $12,000 new or used?

How about something from Von Schwiekert? Or if you like the looks, the Maggie 3.6?
Tyler Acoustics, Reimer Acoustics, Magnepan -- driven by Bel Canto electronics.
My first thought was how about the Konus Audio Essence speakers (single Jordan driver in a transmission line cabinet) driven by a 47 Labs Gaincard and either level of the digital combos.

The Essence speakers are low in profile, available with various beatiful wood finishes, and designed to be placed close to back walls.
I believe this system would fit the rest of your criteria as well, in terms of the sound produced.

There are also various off-shoots of these products that can be had for less, but your budget could afford an all new 47 Labs system, let alone buying a piece here or there used. The off-shoot brands include Carolina Audio JTM speakers, Audio Zone amps and dacs, and Scott Nixon amps and dacs. I would tend to look at the 47 Labs stuff first, IMO however.

Here is the US importers website: www.sakurasystems.com
I'll second the VonSchweikert recommendation. The VR2 is a good choice for an unobtrusive floorstander or the VR4jr is even better(check their recent review in (Enjoythemusic.com). All VS speakers are warm, detailed, highly musical with wide sweet-spot and great wife acceptance factor because of their gorgeous finishes. VS speakers, however, do need a good 300-500 hours to reach their potential but they are well worth the wait.
Another good choice of a great speaker with the qualities you seek are the Meadowlark line.
McIntosh again makes some fantastic SS gear - both amps and preamps which have a tube-like richness yet is solid state.

Of course, listening preferences are subjective, but these choices could well stop your audiophilitis upgraded fever for good.
I would recommend the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook System (1 piece), paired with a CODA (SS) integrated amp. This combo should run you about 10K in total, and could very well be the keeper system you seek.

Thanks. I see the Tyler speakers recommended quite a bit here. Von Schweikert too. The consistency is encouraging. But I don't suppose the Tylers can be demo'ed? Would Mcintosh and Von Schweikert be a good pair? Unfortunately I doubt I can demo them together.

The Essence sound interesting, but having heard that single source drivers can be good at low volumes as I understand it their sweet spot is pretty small. Is that the case here?
reason. The performance to dollar ratio is outstanding. Transients are lightening quick and with excellent clairty and dynamics. Certainly worth seeking a listen if at all possible. You can learn more on the VMPS forum at audiocircle.com. The other suggestions are also no doubt worth hearing. Would like to hear the Von Schweikerts myself. You're the only one who can make the choice is really the bottom line. Be sure to leave some money for room acoustics, well worth every dime and without it you're not hearing your system at it's potential which is often quite an improvement.
The Tylers can be demoed two ways actually... One is through the 21 day home trial (but you have to essentially buy the speakers in order to do it that way, with return privilages... but you have to pay the return shipping costs)... The other is through the Home Audition program. The later is where current owners have volunteered to let you listen to their Tyler speakers in their home. There is a link to the list of owners and their email addresses (and areas of the country where they reside) on the Tyler Acoustics home page at http://www.tyleracoustics.com .

Also, for what it is worth, I like VS speakers a whole lot too... The DB99s mk II impressed me quite a bit at THE Show in Vegas this year... New they go for 10K, but for 5-6K you can get them used... I would rate them as equals with the Tyler Linbrook Signature System I recommended... The only major differences are the DB99s are *very* sensitive (so they are a superb match for SET amps), looks (I don't much care for the DB99s throwback look myself but others love it), and of course the VS cost double the price... :-) Still, even at 10K I think they are a very nice value... I just feel the Tylers are even more so... Your experience may vary... They both are superb performers in their class...

The VS VR-2s and VR-4 Jr.'s, while nice speakers to be sure, are not even close to being in the same league as the two mentioned above, IMO.