I’m looking to upgrade my Magnum Dynalab MD106T???

I am wanting to upgrade my Magnum Dynalab MD106T tuner. It must have balanced outputs and doesn’t need to be a tube tuner. My current MD106T sounds nice but I’m wanting to upgrade. Any advice on a nice tuner to upgrade to would be appreciated. My 106T is nice sounding but I wonder what nicer is out there.
What part of your existing tuner’s performance do you think can be improved? If you’re seeking improvement, have you considered whether its antenna would benefit from an upgrade?
In this day and age tuners are slim pickin’s! Very few with balanced outputs are available! Here are two but be prepared to pay a premium price for them!

I'm using an MD ST-2 antenna which is installed outside. I've experimented with placement and find it works better on my back yard fence than on my house roof. The tuner sounds good but I just wonder what could be a nice improvement. I've  noticed that different tubes give different types of sound. I am currently using  Amperage tubes and they are nice. I may be missing a little sparkle which may be a result of total cable upgrades everywhere. I've been listening to the tuner all night long now giving my transport and streamer a rest. In all honesty my tuner sounds good now that warm and the reception is good this evening. I just ask about better out of curiosity but my current tuner is quite nice.
I would look into getting a better antenna before replacing an already excellent tuner.
I doubt very much that the Accuphase would be better. Nowadays there are very few top quality FM broadcasts that would justify paying that much for a tuner. I use a Magnum MD90 with an attic mount yagi type antenna. Save your money, that tuner that you are using is top of the line!
Your “true differential” balanced output requirement will significantly limits your options.  
Other than improve your antennae location/position, the Marantz 10B or the rare REL are the final frontier.  A close second would be  Modaferri modded tubed Macintosh.
I must admit my MD106T is sounding nice today/last night  as I have been listening for hours and I think my relatively new Amperage tubes may be sounding better with some playtime or maybe the reception is good now. An upgraded antenna would be nice but is my  MD ST-2 antenna not a decent antenna? I don't think we would be allowed to install something large on our roof? We own our home but live in a town house complex. It would be nice for a better antenna. Any advice on an upgrade to an MD ST-2 antenna?
An upgraded antenna would be nice but is my MD ST-2 antenna not a decent antenna? I don’t think we would be allowed to install something large on our roof? We own our home but live in a town house complex. It would be nice for a better antenna. Any advice on an upgrade to an MD ST-2 antenna?
I think the ST-2 is a good basic antenna. Whether it could be improved upon hinges on your local conditions. How far are you from the FM transmitters? Are they all in the same direction? Do you have multipath conditions?
Hi mitch, I don't have much to add, but I have that same tuner. St-2 antenna mounted on 4th (top) floor terrace and their Signal Sleuth (signal amplifier). Not far from NYC. I am very happy with its results.
I find my self at the mercy of reception. At least my ST-2 outside sounds better than a ribbon antenna inside. My digital both transport streamer and dac sounds better than FM but there is something special about music off air with a tuner.
Contact Magnum Dynalab - info@magnumdylab.com or toll free in North America 1-800-551-4130 or outside North America 905-791-5888. They offer a trade in program in addition to their in house upgrade program for their entire line up of products. 
Youhave the best tuner put a set of críticaal mass footers it  and stpplooking  you have an amazing tuner
I used to have a MD105. Sold it- I now have a Modaferri modded MR78. The ‘78 is far more enjoyable. And I did go from balanced to single ended outputs. Other vintage top choices are Marantz 10b, 20 or 20b 

these old tuners have an organic breathing quality many newer tuners lack. 
Your probably going to have to find a vintage one to get better IMO. a restored vintage high end tuner is something to have a listen to.

this site had some interesting information on tuners getting a little old now but still relevant. https://www.fmtunerinfo.com/

Sansui  TU-X1 Is one of the best your going to find at any price IMO. Mind you I'm not sure if it has Balanced out. But there are others made when radio was more prevalent and tuners were a staple. now they are a addon or second thought.  I started my tuner journey with a MD 105 earlier version years ago and now lust after a Sansui TU-X1 after hearing one in a friends mega buck AudioNote system. My current Sansui TU 717 (moded) is a great tuner but not in the same league as the TU-X1.  

I've run a restored vintage tuner in my system for many years and have not found much that can beat it including a few Magnum Dynalab.  tuners.  I'm pulling in NPR in Seattle from Vancouver island (Victoria) 60mils away perfectly clear and great sounding. I do use a Magnum Dynalab aerial. 
I used to own the same MD 106T several years ago.  It was decent in stock form but responded nicely with upgraded output tubes, which you have already done.  You could try other tubes for a slightly different flavor.

What kind of improvement are you looking for?  I’ve been running  a used Accuphase T-1000 for 8 years or so.  It does have balanced inputs, but I never use them.  Very nice clear sound with excellent bass.  It, however, is not very sensitive and is susceptible to multipath without a good antenna.

I think I’d go with zavato’s suggestion of a beautiful vintage beauty like the MR78.  Much better sensitivity and selectivity than the MD’s which I feel are over-priced.  Considering the current state of FM, I wouldn’t buy new, since there are so many fine used tuners out there.

For now, enjoy what you have.
I think that is what I will do. I will just enjoy my tuner which was sounding good enough last night to listen to all night long. The newer Amperage tubes are good sounding and my ST-2 antenna is carefully placed in a good place. It is interesting that the antenna sounds better on the back yard fence than on the roof where I got multipath. The only thing with the 106t is that the tubes need replacing from time to time. I’ve noticed that the fancy expensive cryo tubes go faster than the less expensive not as good sounding tubes. Hopefully the Amperage tubes I am using will last a while. I just completely recabled my entire system so I have a new improved sound all around. Yesterday my wife enjoyed the sound of my tuner with me which is new for her as she used to dislike the sound of the tuner.
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Check out FM Tuner info for a great source. A lot of the vintage tuners are very nice. I have a Mac mr74, a Kenwood KT8300, and a Pioneer TX 9500 2, that all are great. All have been restored to a high level and are 5 or 6 gang front ends. All tuners from the 70’s, when fm was better and more available.
I used to play around with vintage tuners and they were nice. I got involved with Magnum Dynalab with my first Etude tuner and finally in 2009 I got my 106t and had upgraded caps installed and of course a variety of tubes. Living where I do the reception is ok but when the reception is strong and the ac is clean with steady voltage the sound is stunning.
I prefer the sound of an old tubed tuner. If dx'ing were on the top of my list, the Mcintosh MR 78 would replace my MR 71.


Realistically, I probably tune between just 4 PBS stations. Sadly, the dial rarely goes beyond 100mhz. Going beyond is just a wasteland of awful sounding Pop, Classic Rock, Mexican and religious stations.
Hello again,

I never heard of Amperage tubes.  Aren't they Amperex?

Probably Amperex. Are they good? They sound better than what I used to get from Magnum Dynalab. Two of them were $100 shipped. I’m enjoying my tuner again. I’ve found that these tubes got better with some play time. Maybe it’s my imagination but my tuner sounds good again.
I I have a Macintosh never use it 
I can’t stand commercials. Get a decent iPod. A good steaming radio of your choice. Way better and no commercials or talk. Gt
Commercials and talk are part of the Dxing experience for me. I am enjoying my tuner again. It is actually quite nice.
I’ve been playing with tubes and find my MD106T tuner to be quite nice. I just put in a pair of Siemens gold pins and the sparkle is nice. The Amperex Orange tubes are also quite nice. The Siemens may be nicer but more expensive.
Enjoy your tuner.

If you REALLY want to experience FM tuner magic, you would need to listen this.

You will be hard pressed to even find one. It was the benchmark for everything after it.

Oh look.....there is a listing for one right now.
It was originally listed for $3K, the seller bumped the price up! He knows it will eventually sell.
I’ve completely lost the itch to upgrade my tuner since I’ve upgraded my tubes and power cable. With the power cable and tubes upgrade my tuner sounds glorious. I’ve been listening to my tuner only for a couple of days.
I just got my tuner back from repair at Magnum Dynalab and it is sounding better than ever. The tuner is 12 years old already but it has had maintenance at Magnum Dynalab over the years. This last time they upgraded the caps in the output section of the tuner and they put in good tubes. The tuner sounds good again and it will get better with play time.I am very pleased. I will keep my MD106T tuner as it is an excellent tuner.
I also upgraded my MD102 to the MD108T 2 weeks ago. I have a tremendous radio station that is local to me. I can now hear this station at a sound quality level that is incredible. A good radio station is such a joy.
I listen to FM radio at least 8 hours daily. The main rig has a Mac MR88 tuner which I listen to 4 hours a day and the office rig has a Mac MR85 tuner which I listen to another 4 hours a day. For my taste, it’s Classic Rock all the way. What I should have done was buy the Mac MR78 tuner ( their best sounding) but opted for a new MR88. Both were the same price at AC. I really love FM radio.
I have a MD Signal Sleuth that I was always questioning if I should use it since I did not hear or see much improvement in the signal reception with my MD102 and a Sony tuner.

Today, with the new MD108T  I started playing around with the Sleuth and I was able to grab the signal with more clarity. The signal meter on the tuner also showed a stronger reception.