I'm looking for good pre amp with bass & treble

My system Classe CA-300 amp, classe
Sansui CA-3000 Preamplifier from late 70s.
Built like a tank and has the tone controls and sounds very clean.
You'll see them on Ebay
Used McIntosh C2200
What kind of price ?
For around 1k, the Burson HA-160D. Its a solid performer with nice bass impact and treble.
for somewhat more money look you maybe able to find a Cello Palette,has a number of tone controls.
Dynaco PAS
Any McIntosh will have tone controls. What is your budget?
I agree with the Mcintosh guys, they are excellent preamps and always have good tone controls.
Quad 99
If I my say instead of looking for a pre amp with good bass
and treble you should be looking at a good DAC this will give you both. you have a good amp so a simple pre amp is best the one that was designed to go with, Look at MSB Tech new DAC's are in the 10,000 range but older versions can be had from $1000 to 2000 and will make a world of difference. I had the same question 5 years ago
feel free to contact me any questions