I'm looking for a preamp to go with Emotiva XPA-2

I recently upgraded my amp to an Emotiva XPA_2, along with an OPPO BDP-83SE. I was informed that my Denon 3808 receiver would not do justice to the 2 channel Oppo. I borrowed a 'Little Dot' headphone amp and was blown away by the vast improvement over the Denon. I also tried the Emotiva USP-1 which was good for it's price, but I very much preferred the Little Dot preamp...too bad it doesn't have HTB. So I am wanting a preamp with HTB. I've been looking at either a Belles 21A, a VTL TL2.5, Placette Line Stage, Juicy Peach/Blueberry or an Adcom GFP-750. Any thoughts to how these would work with my Emotiva/Oppos setup. I should add that I'm using Polk LSI9s for the front. Any good advice would be appreciated.
Can't go wrong with the VTL 2.5, i have the 5.5 and love it.
Yes the Denon should be replaced. I would match the input impedance of your power amp to the pre amp output impedance. Evidently a high input impedance is good for most tubed pres. If the Emotiva has a reasonbly high input impedance you are in luck.
I like my AE-3 by AES. Uncle Kevin at Upscale may still have some, but he has them all made to his order with fancy paint and other useless stuff that jacks up the price.
Solid State pre amps will likely be more easily found in the "lower budget" category. For SS how about the Emotiva?
I tried the Emotiva USP-1 preamp and it was god for $399....but just not what I'm looking for. They are supposed to be releasing a new higher end preamp sometime soon. I may give it a try.
I ended up buying a Modwright SWL 9.0SE. I'm hoping to get it by Friday.
Let us know how it goes with the Modwright. I actually just sold my XPA-2 recently because I moved into a small listening room and couldn't use the amp to its potential. It really needs turned up to sound its best. But I did consider buying a tube preamp for it, so I'm curious how the combo will sound.
Nice grab on the Modwright. I have used an Odyssey Candela Pre with the XPA2 with great results
I've had the Modwright now for about 3 weeks and am very pleased with it. I've been experimenting with tubes and have settled on some NOS Raytheons (thanks to advice from the forums).