I'm looking for a good tube preamp under I k.

Used or new it is not very important to me.Also is there anyone out there who has any information on the sonic performance of Antique sound lab preamp AQ2001. It is under 1k with tube reguated power supply and point to point wiring.Thanks in advance.
Hello, I would pick up a used Rogue Magnum 66 pre amp. They are quite rare on Audiogon. If not used you could probably get the regular version for pretty close to 1K from a dealer.
Hello. I'm using a Blue Circle BC21 preamp and really like it. It retails for $1500 new, but can be found for $700 to $950 used. It uses two 6SN7 tubes and is warm yet revealing. Another tube preamp you should definitely consider in the same price range is the Rogue 66, which is about $800-900 used. Good luck!
I second the motion on the Blue Circle BC21. For the money (especially used) it is a darned miracle!
I'll third the BC21. The Blue Circle has point to point wiring as well. I will add as an alternate the Conrad Johnson PV-10.
Make that four for the BC21. I just purchased one to audition against a Placette passive, which I like very, very much, and it is going to be a hard decision on which one to keep. Really a nice unit for the $.
Try a Antique Sound Labs 2004 DT . This amazing little preamp retails for $299 new and uses 3 tubes,put the extra money in the bank. It only has inputs for 3 components . Just the ticket to warm up those Solid State amps.No I am not a dealer just a very happy consumer.
sorry to intrude but, there is a absolutely fabulous pre amp at audiogon today for 1495. if there is any way you can swing the extra 500 you won't be sorry.UNISON MYSTERY ONE
looks good and sounds great. check out there web site. and no I'm not selling it, I own one. if you like Joule Electra
you must hear this pre amp.
good luck