I'm interested in hearing what "the best" systems sound like, where to go?

I have my system sounding pretty good now with a wide sound stage and good depth and imaging. I hear faint details that I have never heard in songs before. It took me three amps, two CD players, two sets of speakers and room treatments to get where I am. But the rabbit hole being what it is....I can't help but wonder....do I have the best it can be? I've been to brick and mortar, high end audio stores, but they don't really have listening rooms. Do any of you know of a place that has a good selection in stock that also has a good listening room to try them out? I would like to hear what is considered "the best". I would like a yard stick to use to determine if I'm getting everything out of the recordings that I can get. Even if it is thousands of dollars outside of my budget, I would like to know what I'm chasing.
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My 2 cents...let me first start by telling you I’m a member of the suncoast audiophile society here in the Tampa Bay Area. I have heard many systems, both privately and at shows. I have a somewhat modest system:
bob Latino ST-120
dynaco pas-2 with erhard audio mods (recently replaced with a Vincent sa-t7
music hall cd/dac 
modified Jolida jd-9
bluesound node 2i
thorens TD 125 with sme arm and Hana eh
furman power conditioner
bob crites “cornscala’s
decent cables
my system easily competes with others 3-4 times the price of mine.
trust your ears, ignore price tags and brands.
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Thank you everyone for the comments and suggestions. I will definitely refer to the above postings when this pandemic eases a bit and we can all travel freely again. I do want to  hear what's out there!
Stay healthy!
Boston - Goodwin's High End - Spectral Audio.  Let me know what you think.