I'm in Tidal now. Good choice!

I finally jumped to Tidal after finding out that I can listen to album TALK TALK "Laughing Stock" 24-bit version.

However, the original 1991 vinyl sounds substantially better. This album haven’t been released originally in USA on vinyl so it must be UK or Germany.
If anyone has it in premium shape, please drop me a note. Can offer adequate trades.
Sorry for this ISO here -- at least it’s disclosed:-)

I mostly interested in ability to fish for great titles and track the artists I like. The quality is also important so I want to figure which membership type is the best. I use their default player installed and Lenovo Q190 mini desktop with 250G SSD. I’m on free membership now, will I see all best definition versions or only CD quality?

Like all sources of music it depends mostly on the masters - always a mixed bag. The deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin on Tidal is excellent.
i don't listen much of mainstream and that's the only concern. which tunes i'll be able to listen to in "full hd" ?

I have a HiFi membership, which gives access to close to all of the Tidal library in lossless format. On my system, Tidal lossless sounds better than CD. A modest but rapidly growing selection are in MQA format, which is discernably superior to lossless and CD to my ears. There were a recent thread on MQA, on which I believe the majority of Audiogoners posted similar views.

If only they didn’t push the jz Crap so hard. Otherwise it’s great.
I have the Spotify premium membership, but will cancel before my Tidal trial membership expires. Be cognizant that if you make your payments/set up up via the Apple App Store you will pay a lot more ($20 vs $26 a month). You can fix this any time by adding your credit card info to your account on Tidal.com, followed by removing your credit card from the app side. Although the social/sharing aspect is much more developed on Spotify the sound quality and overall vastness of selection in Tidal is superior to Spotify (Hi-Fi membership). I plan to run in through a Blue Sound Node 2 I just purchased. I’m looking forward to soon testing MQA as well on my dipole Apogee Acoustics Dueatta Signature Series II speakers. They are very revealing of source material sound engineering flaws. I don’t care for the corporate record industry using MQA as a way to extort money at every step, but as a consumer, if the sound quality is noticeably better I’ll delve into MQA. I’ll keep you posted.
My complaint against Tidal is that the catalog is impossible to navigate.
I have to use my Spotify catalog in order to access what Tidal offers.
If I try to search using the Tidal search engine, I get nothing, when I input the Spotify info, it is displayed. 
And, it if it isn't MQA, it is still the same streaming output as Spotify.
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I have so far no issues finding listening food there
i haven’t seen their negative political agendas so I’m clear there as well
what service will provide 192 dsd files? 
Will I be offered to try hifi for free when I first join as regular subscriber? Will I be able to try dsd?
@brianmoriarty to what negative agenda and politics are you referring?

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Sorry to get off topic the sound quality of tidal is very good.
Jz not issue 
he owns — he feeds
suggest is just suggestion, but choice is mine
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