I'm in heaven:just got Pass X 250,5

I went over my head and spent my vacation money for Pass X 250,5 trade-in.I traded my X 250 thru AV Logic and the whole thing cost me $2000=00.I was sceptical from the start,cursing myself for blowing all the money that i had saved up until i received it a couple of days ago.This is completely different amplifier from X250.Sweet sound,bigger soundstage,rounder images.All the flatness of X 250 is gone.
For all those X series owners:don't sit on your original X series amps,trade them in ASAP,you'll be amazed at the difference.
Just wait until the 250.6 comes out...you'll be even more amazed!!!!
What speakers do you have?
The vintage Snell type B rewired and WBT upgraded.
Overhand,congratulations on your new Pass 250.5! Nelson Pass and the boys at Pass Labs really worked their magic in this new .5 series haven't they. It truly is a qualitive shift towards the sound of live music,and not a subtle change at all compared with the original X-series. You spent your $ wisely.
I just got my Pass X350.5 - traded in my X250 and am also in heaven>>>:)
How much did you pay the difference?
Murphys33, well congrats to you to on your Pass LabsX-350.5! I wrote here on the GON a review of this amp and found to be spectacular in my system. What really surprized me is how much it out did my Edge NL-10, which is not to shoddy in its own right. Would you be willing to share what the sonic differences/improvements are between your old 250 and the 350.5 in your system? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.