I'm hearing things

I wonder if anyone can explain why this happens. Between tracks I sometimes hear the start of the next track before it happens! I hear a very faint rendition of the first bar before the music-proper comes in. It's kind of ghistly and rather disconcerting! This is only discernable when I listen to a record with the volume quite high and I don't think it's with every record I own.

What causes this? Is this a fault or feature with the record pressing itself or due to some incorrent alignment/setup?

Any help, very much appreciated. Thanks.
It's called pre-echo and it's normal with most non-audiophile pressings of records (on records made from old master tapes, this sound you're hearing could also be tape saturation/print-through). It generally is the record's fault, unless it comes from the tape saturation/print-through, in which case it's the master tape's fault. Now if it had been a CD you were talking about, you'd likely be hearing things.
Thanks for the reply. I hear it on Stevie Ray Vaughan "Couldn't Stand The Weather" on Pure Pleasure. It's 2 180g slabs so I assume it's "audiophile" although I bet the tape wasn't very good from which they remastered it. The CD recording was awful.
I've noticed it also on a few LP's (can you tell I like Goodwill?) - I've always wondered what it was. I figured it was using the same tape to record over and over until they get it right.

Rcprince, you can also get "back print" or "print through" on a CD, if the master tape has the problem that you mentioned. Pros always store tapes "tails out"...they don't rewind the tape, which spools the tape tighter. This can lead to "print through".

You should not rewind any of your cassettes, R to R, or VHS!
Print-through actually can also show up on CDs from old master tapes--I've heard it on a few of the Living Stereo re-releases. Not much the folks pressing the record can do about it.
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Good point John, I remember that. But is that 'print-thru' or was it done on purpose???
That was done on purpose--it's on my original copy and every one I've heard out there. Same sort of effect, though.

Worst print-through I had was an audiophile re-issue of the Proprius album Cantate Domino, which sounded like it had a continuous pre-echo on the whole album.

Check it out, man:


Read down towards the bottom - "...backward echo..."


Rock on,
Ok, since we're talking Led Zep and I'm a fan, which vinyl pressing would you recommend? Which one sounds the best? Cheers, Nick.