I'm Goin' Home

IMHO, one of the greatest live musical rock performances of all time, yet they get virtually no mention, no acclaim, no top-10, no anything. It’s not right.  They deserve better.  Ladies and Gentlemen - 10 Years After at Woodstock -


43 years after,  R.I.P. Alvin Lee.
I saw pictures of the 335 at the Hall but it wasn't there last year at the Woodstock exhibit.
Yes, a performance tour de force. TYA was quite unknown at the time.
Here's another good one:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6NskLyMpRc&fbclid=IwAR23LdMCT1A4BYVhrmxAbab66M6lAfOB-QbUZggmVX4z-diFyO6C-aDZQdM
While I also love me some Alvin Lee guitar playing and that was one of the best songs to learn to play with his signature guitar solo, Space in Time was a HS favorite, the band was fun but not long lasting.

Happy Listening.
Luv it-
and I have always preferred  this version over the "record" version. But then, 29 yers ago I dropped into the tent 5 kms away from my hometown here in Germany where an event took place called the "Hessentag" (an annual event week for the people of Hassia in Germany set in different small towns).
A band occured on stage and I saw a guy with a leather vest who reminded me with Alvin Lee. And it was  Alvin Lee! And then I recognized them all- Leo Lyons, Chick Churchill and Ric Lee!
And what happened then was one of the most exciting, thrilling live gigs I ever listened to- a version of "I'm Going Home" by far better than even the one at Woodstock (I swear, no fooling). I will never forget that evening. They played other goodies after but IGH was the highlight.

Jan (high in the sky with the remindings)
Chayro great call, also one of my fav bands of all time.  As a bonus TYA lps are solid sonically.