I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?

Had a productive couple of weeks on the used gear market and today has been digital demo day (Analog arrives next week). Added a Bryston BCD-3 and original Tara Labs Prime I/C’s to my system at very good prices. 

I don’t have “golden ears” by any stretch but I’m gob smacked at the results.

The BCD-3 is replacing an Oppo UDP-205 w/ DHL BL-1 I/C’s. Rest of gear is an Anthem STR integrated and ML Monti’s. My bass has easily doubled, maybe tripled. I can feel the pressurization in my room and it’s tight not bloated. 

I think this has been the biggest jump up in SQ I’ve experienced. What were your biggest surprises/improvements regardless of budget?

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Ok, what got me was low power SET
and highest efficiency speakers @ 106 or better
Listening to Chet baker self titled out of Devore Orangutans 0/93
and audio research gear

Two recent moments.
Swapped stock fuses in my Parasound Halo A21 with Hifi Tuning Supreme units.

Set up a pair of 6" GIK Impression Regular panels at first reflection points on back wall, another pair on first reflection points on side walls, and one narrow panel in each of four corners.

When I got rid of my Preamp and dac and got a direct stream dac/ preamp from PS audio. It was like holy crap what the F just happened. How can one piece of equipment make such a difference?

My B&W 802N speakers finally sounded perfect. Silky smooth highs and mids with plenty of base that was lacking previously.