I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?

Had a productive couple of weeks on the used gear market and today has been digital demo day (Analog arrives next week). Added a Bryston BCD-3 and original Tara Labs Prime I/C’s to my system at very good prices. 

I don’t have “golden ears” by any stretch but I’m gob smacked at the results.

The BCD-3 is replacing an Oppo UDP-205 w/ DHL BL-1 I/C’s. Rest of gear is an Anthem STR integrated and ML Monti’s. My bass has easily doubled, maybe tripled. I can feel the pressurization in my room and it’s tight not bloated. 

I think this has been the biggest jump up in SQ I’ve experienced. What were your biggest surprises/improvements regardless of budget?


1- My first ESL tweeter, the three RTR's in the ESS TranStatic loudspeaker, also used by Arnie Nudell in his Infinity 2000A. The TranStatic employed the KEF B139 woofer in a quarter-wave transmissionline enclosure, the B139 also used by Dave Wilson in his WAMM.

2- My first (from 100Hz up) full-range ESL, the Infinity Servo-Static 1.

3- My first Decca cartridge, the Blue.

4- My first direct-to-disk LP, Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues Volume 2 on Sheffield Records.

5- The Magneplanar Tympani T-1, bi-amped with ARC electronics: SP-3 pre, ARC passive x/o, D51 and D75 amps. Source a Thorens TD-125 MK.2 table with a Decca Blue mounted on a prototype ARC arm that never made it into production. A life-changing experience!

Never been gob smacked i bet it hurts.
Come on ebm you certainly have been many times in life,
but your nice system makes it all go away, out of mind.
NYC is a tough town. Music is bliss! 
I always enjoy your one-liner insights, btw!
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Ok, what got me was low power SET
and highest efficiency speakers @ 106 or better