I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?

Had a productive couple of weeks on the used gear market and today has been digital demo day (Analog arrives next week). Added a Bryston BCD-3 and original Tara Labs Prime I/C’s to my system at very good prices. 

I don’t have “golden ears” by any stretch but I’m gob smacked at the results.

The BCD-3 is replacing an Oppo UDP-205 w/ DHL BL-1 I/C’s. Rest of gear is an Anthem STR integrated and ML Monti’s. My bass has easily doubled, maybe tripled. I can feel the pressurization in my room and it’s tight not bloated. 

I think this has been the biggest jump up in SQ I’ve experienced. What were your biggest surprises/improvements regardless of budget?

Just got accepted as a Qobuz beta tester and wow, so much better SQ than Tidal MQA. Strictly headphone listener with a mid-fi system, not to mention 62 year old ears, but truly an aha moment for me.
@bri14mac, how hard was it to pull a 10 gauge wire for your 20 amp circuit? I get some lights dimming with loud bass hits which leads me to believe my 15 amp circuit isn’t enough
@mkgus, wasn't hard at all ... just expensive ;)  i had an electrician run two completely new circuits from breaker to a quad hospital grade isolated ground outlet - one on each side of entertainment center in family room. was having work done for my basement so just added these to the list of requests.  lights don't dim anymore but my ears hurt from time to time.

1- My first ESL tweeter, the three RTR's in the ESS TranStatic loudspeaker, also used by Arnie Nudell in his Infinity 2000A. The TranStatic employed the KEF B139 woofer in a quarter-wave transmissionline enclosure, the B139 also used by Dave Wilson in his WAMM.

2- My first (from 100Hz up) full-range ESL, the Infinity Servo-Static 1.

3- My first Decca cartridge, the Blue.

4- My first direct-to-disk LP, Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues Volume 2 on Sheffield Records.

5- The Magneplanar Tympani T-1, bi-amped with ARC electronics: SP-3 pre, ARC passive x/o, D51 and D75 amps. Source a Thorens TD-125 MK.2 table with a Decca Blue mounted on a prototype ARC arm that never made it into production. A life-changing experience!

Never been gob smacked i bet it hurts.
Come on ebm you certainly have been many times in life,
but your nice system makes it all go away, out of mind.
NYC is a tough town. Music is bliss! 
I always enjoy your one-liner insights, btw!