I'm done Really

I can't tell you how many times I've said that. I said it about six months ago when I bought a new amp. Well...I just bought another amp. The same one I had about a year and a half ago (the wife loves it when I do that). I love this hobby, but why must I constantly tweek & replace equipment?

Surely I'm not the only one.
We are programmed to seek perfection and satisfaction. Once we have it, we know something could be just a little better and off we go again. Why do we eat, we are hungry, then eat and are satisfied. In a short time, we are hungry again, not just for the food but the sense of satisfaction. It could be worse, just think if crack cocain was what gave you the same sense of satisfaction. Also, it is fun so enjoy.
Famous last words! I say I'm done all of the time. Still hasn't happened that way though. For some reason I feel a certain obligation to keep buying and trying and selling and tweaking. It seems to be an insatiable need for newer and better.
Had to sell my tube amps because I developed a terrible tube habit in search of the best sounding tube combo.
Now that I'm strictly solid state my habit went from tubes to speaker cables. On my 3rd set in the past couple of months and the 4th set just got shipped out to me yesterday. I'm also having a new pair of speakers built. What's next? Since I've basically turned my system over at least twice in the past 6 months, I think I can safely say now that I'm done...really! But probably not if I keep coming through audiogon 5 or 6 times a day!
Oh well. Like you...I love the hobby.
Have fun everybody and happy listening.
Your not alone!But if it helps,,,im done for now too,,,,well i think i am,,maybe not!OK OK,,im done for now ,,,until i get more money!There,i said it ,,i feel better now,,i think!
If you really think you're done well..... let's just say you might be kidding yourself. One thought, do us all a favor and post your system on here with pics. The more the merrier!
Part of my addiction is this site. I just come here to look around, then I see someone recommends this cable and someone recommends that mod, then I see a deal in the classifieds that if I don't jump on immediately, I'll surely never get the chance again.

I always tell me wife, "at least it's not drugs or women".
Which one did you upgrade, the TAD 150 or the McCormick DNA?
I´ve gone to an integraded and couldn´t be happier... no itch to upgrade yet... (been 6 weeks).
No itch to replace the TAD 150 yet. I replaced the McCormack, with another McCormack. I know have the one I used to have. I went back to a DNA 1 from the DNA 0.5. Much better low end control with the Vandersteens. Now I really want to send it to SMC Audio for upgrades AND I want to go to the Vandersteen 3a's from 2ce's. But that's a ways off. We've got a couple of trips planned over the next few months, so I'm done. REALLY!
Is there "Twelve Step Program for Audiophiles"? When will we be "tired of being tired" and acknowledge there are greater powers than ourselves? (No insult meant for our recovering audiophiles.) I await the wit and wisdom of the eager mob...
What integrated did you go with? I've always liked integrated amps, in theory. I know there are some very nice ones out there, but I've yet to find one that I liked as much as separates, dollar-for-dollar. My McCormack, TAD combo cost me about $1500. If I could find an integrated for that price, that has as much power and sounds as good, I'd buy it. I wish McCormack made an integrated, I really like the sound of his amps.
this is why my system is entitled "will it never end"...

I'm thinking not.

Everytime I reach good enough, it moves--just like my cheese. At least buying used through the 'gon tends to keep me even.
Is anybody else running out of room for all your equipment and their boxes?
Hi-end audio...the crack cocaine of music reproduction!
now that is the thing - Vegasears hit it squarely - the *#**!@* boxes... no end to the merriment they cause - but I'll tell you its a fine way to avoid putting something like a treadmill in the garage LOL
To quote Paul Simon: "The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains"

From "Train in the distance" off the "Hearts and Bones" LP.

I think of this line often when I'm obsessing over some new thing I want. How true it is!
I have the Unison Unico running a pair of Triangle Antals. The Unico has a tube pre-amp stage- thus like a tube pre with a solid state power amp. This seems to be a particularly good match with my Triangles with awsome midrange, dynamics, and sweet highs. But I don't think it would match your combo- in particular with power hungry speakers. It also costs considerably less. I do think you are in a very good place, TAD 150 and the DNA 1 are awsome components for the money. Lets see how long you last though....
But I share with you the feeling how this uppgrade addiction is brought about by this site.. Although I say I'm done.. I still check every day...
Thanks everyone, for letting me know I'm not alone.
You're definitely not alone! I have a vandy 2ce sig powered by a McCormack DNA-1 deluxe and a TAD 150 sig. It's almost identical to your system. I have owned the TAD 150 for only about 2 months now. I love what this tube pre-amp does for my system, and this has gotten me thinking about going tubes all around. I was hoping to sell all my components from my pre-existing system, but what I ened up doing is setting up a bedroom system with all my old stuff. As Vegasears says, I am running out of space!

What are you using for your source components, IC's, PC's, speaker cables?
I have a Sony 900 that's been modded by Tube Reasearch Labs, it's amazing! If you don't know anything about this mod, do a search. There are people who've sold their VERY expensive digital gear and replaced it with the Sony/TRL. I'm sure the rest of my system is not keeping up with it.

IC's & Speakers cables are Usher. These are suppose to be very similar in design to Acoustic Zen. I guess they used to be made in the same factory, until Usher started having them built overseas. I had Acoustic Zen & did a side by side comparison & couldn't tell the difference. Usher is much less expensive.

On the amp I have a PS Audio Lab II. I could definately hear a difference when I went back to a lesser PC. On the pre & cd player I have signal cable. I've tried others (PS Audio, Shunyata) on the pre & cdp, but I couldn't hear a difference.

I've also got the Behringer DEQ 2496. You really should try one of these. I was STUNNED at the difference it made in detail, dynamics, clarity, etc. When I bypass it, I am amazed at how muddy, smeared and vague everything sounds. I can't believe I use to think my system sounded good. I got mine for $259 shipped with a 30 day return policy. Needless to say, I didn't send it back.

You can probably tell, I'm going for the most bang for the buck. I've only got about $3000 in to the system and it sounds pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

I've always wanted to get the McCormack upgraded by SMc Audio, but lately I've been intrigued by the Nuforce digital amps. They're suppose to be giant killers.

What IC's & PC's do you use.