I'm confused. Need direction on analogue system

I've bought an Aries w/JMW 12.5. and have a McIntosh C38 pre-amp and 2 Mac MC300 amps. The synergy between amps and preamp is very good.
The preamps phono stage only accepts MM input (higher voltage) and I want to use higher audio quality MC cartridges, (Lyra Helikon .4mv).

Should I use a transformer and the Mac preamp, or just use another separate phono preamp and plug it into the aux input of the Mac preamp.

I'd eventually like another phono preamp like the Supratek,
but can't right now.

Appreciated, Thanks,

John Bojack
Atlanta, GA
Go with an outboard phono. Start off with something like the Phonomena to tide you over until you can spring for the Supratek. It will be better than your built in phono section and you can match the gain and loading. It is very quiet and well balanced frequency wise. You can likely sell it again for what you paid for it.
I would have to agree with the previous post. There are so many great outboard phono stages now. Going that route will give you a lot more options whether you want tube or solid state.
I think you would get better sound and more flexibility from a separate phono stage. Maybe you could list your price range and ppl can recommend one.
Outboard phono is the way to go. I think there is still a huge backlog (6 months+) of orders for the Supratek preamps.