I'm a bit lost...

I will change my speakers soon, i own a pair of Talon Raven C.
I REALLY like them but want to get better performancies, especially in the medium.
The Raven are really ok but i know that i can get more air, a bigger soundstage.
I don't want something that sound thin to get that result.
Also i want to keep really good bass.

I have a budget around 10.000$.
So far i kept on my shortlist the following (used) speakers :
Avalon Eidolon
Talon Firebird
Wilson Watt Puppy 6

So if you heard those 3 speakers (or 2) let me know what you think.
By the way i'm open to other speakers if you think you know one that compares nicely with the 3 above.
I would recommend trying Tyler Accoustics,Woodmeres.
He also gives a return policy if not happy with his product , but i think you might be quite impressed..
He is also very friendly to deal with.
Ty also has them for Sale a little over $10,000.00, but would probably work with you some and does have used ones that come available from time to time for under $9000.00
Hope you find what you looking for, but might want to try these , sound fantastic.
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Audio Note ANE I(various models at varying prices)
You want more air and a bigger soundstage and you're not considering dipole radiators?

Think Quad 989s @ US$8-9K and especially Eminent Technology LFT-8s at US$1500!

Download the rave double review of the ET8s in issue 38 of Britain's 'hi-fi+' magazine here http://www.hifiplus.com/issue38.html .
Why spend more $$$'s to site the new speakers in a bad location? I'd build a dedicated room and go from there.

To answer your question, none of the speakers you mention will significantly outperform the Ravens in the areas you are looking to improve. You will loose the bass slam, dynamics, clarity and depth you have now. Those speakers are very good and may only offer you a different mid-range presentation.

To get a bigger soundstage, you need to move the Ravens off of the back wall about 2-3 more feet into the room. Your placement from your listening chair should be looking down the inside surface of the Ravens and only seeing 1/8" - 1/4" of the front side to the back side pannel. That will give you the best soundstage.

Next you need to address you AC with filters and dedicated lines. Filtering your AC will give you a huge soundstage left to right and improve upon the depth also. A few caps on my deddicated line were the biggest improvement that I have ever tried in my system and a few others. Take a look at this thread.


After fixing the AC then try one of the better power cords like Elrod Sig 3, Shunyata or Electraglide power cords, but only after filtering the AC. you may even find that you don't need these cords after the AC is done.

Last depending on the model year of yoru Ravens, Mike has another cross-over upgraded that he will do for free. Big improvement over the last ones.

Email me if you need more info.

Happy Listening.
Tabl10s : i rent my house and will move soon, and move again after 1 or 2 years, i want to improve my speakers, not my room.

Jeffreybehr : unfortunately the Quad will not compare more than 5 seconds with the Talon in the bass...

Bigkidz : the Raven's position is already ok, i'm not a beginner ;)
They are a bit more than 3 feets away from the wall and just toed in a bit as you describe.
My powercords are better than the big Shunyatas in my system, i tested both.
I also have a power conditionner (Audiophile APS) so power is not a problem here.
My Ravens are 1 year old.

I wonder if someone directly compared the Ravens and the Firebirds...
The Firebirds are in a different ballpark versus the Ravens. Everything you like about the Ravens but better and they have the mid-range that the Ravens lack only in direct comparison.

Hope this helps

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Yep i think the Firebirds maybe what i am looking for...
Ndeslions, actually I spoke to Mike at Talon yesterday and he has a new speaker coming out that he says is better then the Firebirds for less money. It uses 2-8" drivers instead of the larger woofers in his other designs.

I'd call him if you get the chance.
Well i read a lot of not so nice things about the Firehawk.
As i already can't listen i can't take more risks.