I'm a beginner

Hi All,

I just bought ML impression 11A. before that, I was using BOSE. Please give me your best opinion on AMP/Preamp, Subwoofer, speaker cable, and center channel. 

So far I shortlisted Balanced Force210 and ML Focus ESL C18 for Center speaker. 
Do I need both Power Amp and Preamp?
Which speaker cable should I use?


You need pre-amp and power amp; this can be separate units or a combo.  
You are gonna need a surround sound processor, so it’s either by a all-in-one surround receiver, or by separates, the latter much more expensive. 
I would recommend Denon/Marantz for consumer level and Anthem/Arcam for prosumer. However, Denon/Marantz are much better with updates for latest tech NAD is another good one, but again, I have a hard item finding any official documents stating whether they support modern formats (Dolby Vision for instance). 
I would suggest a Denon X3500, normally $1K, but on Amazon for $800:
It has pre-outs so you can try a high-end power amp down the line if you want. 
I suggest using the room correction (Audyssey), though I do suggest the $20 app to adjust the target curve. If you want tips on doing the room correction and/or tips on adjusting it via the paid app, I can do that.
What are you doing? Movies or music? How big is your room? How loud does it need to be? What is your budget? Are you seriously thinking of following any advice from here? Before answering all the above questions? Already you got someone who knows nothing saying you need a pre-amp and a power amp. When almost certainly you'd be better off with an integrated. Or even a receiver. Who knows? Only you- and even then only after listening to the choices.
mlimpression, as millercarbon suggests you are going to have to give us a lot more info.

Start with whether you are looking for a home theater set up or just music set up or combo. Then let us know about the room size, etc. Then maybe what kind of music you are into if music is part of the equation and then, very important, your budget. You don't want someone to suggest $10,000 speaker cables if your budget is $15,000 for the system.

Lots of knowledgeable folks here who can help you out but you have to give them more to go on.
Thanks for your suggestions. Im in both but mainly in music. My full budget is between 10-15k. 
Check out this thread:


The OP started out with Martin Logans and is back to Martin Logans now.  Ask him in the thread or email him and he'll give you his opinion on what might work best for you.

General rule of thumb is the front stage (3 speakers in your case) should make up at least 50% of your budget. So contrary to @n80, yes you do want $10,000 speakers+sub on a $15K budget. What amp/preamp you get is minutely important relative to what speakers, sub(s), and room treatment you get.

All your power amplification needs to do is supply enough wattage, at low enough distortion, and be (in my opinion) relatively neutral.

Unless you need high spouse approval, don’t get a MartinLogan subwoofer; get one from say Rythmik or PowerSoundAudio. Also, going dual provides a lot of room benefits, 2x $1500 subs sounds a lot better than 1x $3000 sub.

Have you given any thoughts on room treatment? Room treatment makes a vastly more beneficial upgrade in sonics than even the most expensive amplifier in world would achieve.

I firmly stand my suggestion of something like the Denon X3500 mentioned; which again you can hook up external power amps in the future if you ever want to see if they have a good enough benefit to be worth it.
@mzkmxcv  said:

" So contrary to @n80,   yes you do want $10,000 speakers+sub"

You misread what I wrote which was "$10,000 speaker _cables_"

So far I have just ML impression 11a. let me ask again specifically? 
I want these for both music and movies. 
1. Any good amp within $2500-3000 range.
2. do I need preamp along with amp?
3. Good 3d bluray player. ( My kids love 3d movies)
4. Do I need special speaker wire for speakers, if yes then which one? do want to go overboard. 
5. Good Turntable. 
5. Receiver 

A receiver is an all-in-one; you don’t use preamps and amps and receivers together. You can use an external amp on many receivers if you want more power or what have you. 
For your stated budget, you can move up from Denon/Marantz and get the Anthem MRX 720 ($2500 I believe).  
Speaker cables do not need to be “special”; you can pay more for Nice looking ones though. One nice option: 
Unless a super heavy vinyl guy, get the Rega P2, the 2M blue cartridge, and the for the phono preamp, this seems good:
This Sony 3D Blu-day player should work
As for cables (RCA, HDMI, etc.), SKW, sold on Amazon, are pretty good. Or, KabelDirek for no frills.
Its good you have a budget. That at least is a start. Now you need a plan. Without a plan you are toast. The advice you're getting so far for example, you will find yourself with WAY too much in speakers and nothing left over for when you discover how important things like interconnects and cones and room treatment are. Whereas if you start out with a plan that includes all these things then you won't believe how much it helps with all the decisions that come to follow.

I have to take some time to explain this because I know from experience hardly any of the supposedly helpful people around here have knocked it even though they have never tried it. So might want to keep in mind what I am about to say comes from both respected sources like Robert Harley but also has been proven to work by me personally in designing and delivering several complete systems the owners of which are all pleased way beyond their wildest dreams.

No system of any price (say again, ANY PRICE!) comprised of just speakers, amp, and cables will ever sound anywhere near as good as a much less expensive system comprised of a full complement of carefully selected tweaks and accessories like power cords, power line conditioner, Cones, rack or Shelf, room treatments, and tweaks like audiophile fuses, etc. A few thousand dollars in these will make much less expensive components far outperform much more expensive components. Obviously the only logical thing to do is include these in your budget from the beginning.

That's what Robert Harley recommends (search for his book) and that's what I have actually done. Anyone recommending otherwise my question to them would be: But is that what you did? And the answer will always be no.

Now realize Robert Harley devoted a whole book to this, so consider this just the first thin skin on the onion. And I know this is far outside the mainstream but again, its been tested and proven to work. One reason I think it works so well is it forces you to think carefully about what you really need. To wit, what you really need is:

1. One or more source components.
2. Amplification.
3. Speakers.
4. Wire.
5. Room.

That's it. On the face of it, 5 things, 20%, that's $2k per. Now that is exactly what I have done and know it works. But I also know there are people who have never tried it nor heard of anyone who has nor even heard a system done this way who despite all that no knowing are just chock full of contrary opinions and will adamantly explain why what they really don't know anything about cannot possibly work. Oh well.

Go with me here. So the budget for amplification is $2k. So here's what you do. You go shopping around to as many stores as you can find listening to everything you can find in the way of amplification within your $2k budget. That means you listen to pre-amps and amps, you listen to integrated amps, you listen to receivers. If you think for even one minute you might want the typical 5.1 home theater setup just go have a listen. You will drop that idea like a hot rock. (Or if not then you are hopelessly disinterested in sound quality, and I wish you the best of luck!)

Then while you are at it you go and listen to as many different speakers in the $2k range as you can find. Full range, bookshelf, whatever. Listen to subs if you want but I'll tell you right now there is only one way to do that and its not one sub - or even two- but if you do listen at least remember whatever the sub costs comes out of the speaker budget and nowhere else! 

Then while you are at it you go and listen to as many different interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, and power line conditioners as you can find. Just remember, all those combined cannot add up to more than your $2k budget!

All that and still barely scratching the surface. Cannot stress enough, if you want to get the best sound possible for the money read the book, make a budget, and go and listen. 

This hobby is supposed to be fun. With $15K in your jeans, it should be a LOT of fun. Start with some magazines and books. After you are familiar with the vocabulary, and have digested some expert views, go shopping. Visit high end stores and see what you like.

I agree with above advice, start with speakers. Think to spend at least half on speakers.  Speaker effects shout out at you - much more than any other component - make sure that you hear planars (Magnepan, Quad), boxes (B&W, etc., etc.). Just don't be too smitten by the spectacular, the hard edged. You may find that after a few hours you hate it, and want a more relaxed sound - and that's an expensive lesson.

If you like $50K speakers, just tell the salesman that you love that sound, but only have $10K. He just may surprise you with an older trade-in or his personal set-up that he wants to change. It happened to me, when I said $15K and the owner said, "How about $20K for $100K product?"

I also suggest that you go REAL CHEAP with tweaks and cables. Like the cheapest you can buy. Then, over the years, whenever you have an extra $100 for the system, try something and see if it makes a difference. More fun. And you can do it over years and years. You just may find, as I did, that there is quite a lot to enjoy in this hobby if you don't take it too seriously. 

Good luck!
Sorry, didn't read your post properly. You already have fine speakers.

I currently use 2 pairs of Quads for HT and audio: two on each side of the TV. The interior pair acts as centre channel, and the result is amazingly good. But the Quads are going to a 2-channel room, and so  I will use a pair of ML Prodigies for L and R. Will probably get another pair of ML to sit right beside the TV for a centre channel. Like I said, this REALLY works.

Bryston amps are musical and indestructible with a 20 year warrantee. Classe amps tend to be more refined, but gobble electricity and run hot. Consider used.

I have heard good things about the big Panasonic player - I have one on order, but it hasn't arrived yet. About $1K. Pioneer Elite is also a good bet - I have one of their last TV's, and after 10 years, it's still better than most.

I would spend the rest of the money on a good processor. You only want L, R, and centre, so an older unit may work fine for you. Anthem, Classe might be good bets.

If you think you must have a sub, consider GR Research. That's where I'm gong in a year or so. As for cabling, I would buy the cheapest you can get. 12AWG cable should cost a few bucks a foot. Buy that, and then challenge the megabuckers to make a significant improvement. Maybe you will find that for your ears and your system, they can't.

Good luck - sorry I didn't read your post carefully the first time.

Thanks. I have ML impressions 11a speaker. So please advise related to these speakers 

Haven’t heard the Impressions - but they look like classic ML hybrids, which should be superb for HT. My Prodigies, also ML hybrids, worked very well with older Bryston SST amps.
My Friend is selling Emotiva PT-100 Stereo 2 channel Preamp and Emotiva SA-250. will these two work with My speakers?

It won’t allow you to use a center channel, you’d need a surround sound receiver or processor for that.
@ mzkmxcv

What about Rotel  RSP-1570 preamp &  Rotel RMB-1075?
or  Rotel RB-1090  or  Marantz AV8805?
Finally what Mcintosh combination should I go ( Pre Amp & Amp or integrated amp or amp & receiver)?

Picked up the Panasonic UB9000 this afternoon. It's very good with my Pioneer Elite.

DVD's of black and white TV is better even than on my Linn Unidisk - the grey scales are graduated into finer increments. Far better in this respect than my older premium Denon. Colour is very good and very pure. BBC's Planets Blu-Ray was just excellent.

And it's fast. No more cuing up a disk before going out for dinner (OK, I exaggerate a bit). Also, it's very easy to hook up, very easy to set up, and the remote is intuitive. But while the remote does the job, it is not elegant or high end, just feels like cheap plastic. But that is a minor quibble.

After 5 hours of ownership, I recommend it highly.
Excellent advise. Definitely go and listen before you buy. Are you doing full ht? Or just front and center? Any plans for surround or atmos? Like many have said dont rush into it. Do your homework. 
Right now front and center. I'm into Vinyl. so need good combo or Integrated Amp/preamp.
1 wants 150-200w for my front speakers. please suggest in that range.