I love sad music

I'm talking about music that when you're feeling down will make you feel worse. I don't want uplifting or inspirational. Some of Chopin's more melancholic works can do it for me.  I don't listen to country, but George Jones singing "It's a good day for the roses" is about as sad a song as you will find. Leonard Cohen's "Alexandra leaving" is another sad song. I have everything Davis and Coltrane recorded, so I'm looking for recommendations for the most beautiful but depressing music you've ever heard. I want to hear a violin, my favorite instrument, that will bring tears to your eyes. I know this is a strange request but some of the best music comes from dark places. Thanks
Agree with mikeydread. Fantastic call. Sun kil moon is over the top. I can only listen to that album once a year. It haunts me every time. Especially duk koo Kim- due your research on that song and it’s even more haunting. Tragic
artist: Chicago
song: Wishing You Were Here 

I hope you enjoy this great song as much as I just did. 

Yup. Love sad stuff. Many songs connect with me too after PTSD and Clinical depression for 30yrs. (PTSD is controlled now and no depression either.) But that music and sad stuff generally still resonates way more than happy stuff - though clever funny lyrics are always appreciated. 
I went through many years of ignoring those sad songs thinking they tended to lower mood and metabolism.

However, during the lockdown I decided to build a playlist to keep those recreational walks and runs from getting too routine.

Surprisingly enough, they didn’t lower my mood. Quite often they had the opposite effect.

Here’s that list.

Sad Song Lou Reed
Alone Again (naturally) Diana KrallSend in the Clowns Frank SinatraBen Marti WebbBetcha By Golly Wow The Stylistics
Love is Strange (dub) Buddy Holly
Little Girl The Incredible String BandSenor Bob DylanHoney Bobby Goldsboro  On Days Like These Matt MonroYou Only Live Twice Nancy Sinatra
Once Upon a Time in America Ennio Morricone

If I want really dark, then there's nothing better than Joy Division.
Gloriously depressing.
Almost any Leonard Cohen song.