I love sad music

I'm talking about music that when you're feeling down will make you feel worse. I don't want uplifting or inspirational. Some of Chopin's more melancholic works can do it for me.  I don't listen to country, but George Jones singing "It's a good day for the roses" is about as sad a song as you will find. Leonard Cohen's "Alexandra leaving" is another sad song. I have everything Davis and Coltrane recorded, so I'm looking for recommendations for the most beautiful but depressing music you've ever heard. I want to hear a violin, my favorite instrument, that will bring tears to your eyes. I know this is a strange request but some of the best music comes from dark places. Thanks
Melanie - The Saddest Song
I'm probably going to have to start a thread on the happiest music ever recorded to recover from all these sad suggestions. This appeal of mine to music that more accurately reflects life also applies to movies. I detest Hollywood feel good movies with happy endings. That could be a topic if we included discussions of the scores.
Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is
Eric Clapton Unplugged - Lonely Stranger
Joy Division "Unknown Pleasure"

The basis is SAD but I enjoy!
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